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Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by ahumadora, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. ahumadora

    ahumadora Smoking Fanatic

    I started another commercial smoker build today.  The client wants one where he can cook once a week and sell it from his roach coach.

    1200mm wide x 1000 deep x 1500 high + the casters.

    By the time I got my act together we started at 11:30am and stopped at 5pm for beers as it was 32c today.

    Starting at 6 am tomorrow to beat the heat, so should progress fast this week.

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  2. smokinal

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    I'll be following this!

  3. ahumadora

    ahumadora Smoking Fanatic

    Damm hot   30c welding in the shop today   I spent the morning on the plasma cutter cutting the 1/4" plate     Gettin it done!
  4. ahumadora

    ahumadora Smoking Fanatic

    I put bricks in the firebox to take up some space as it was super big.  On the sides a regular common bricks, they were $25 for a 100 then I put 1 1/4" firebricks on the floor and back. The smoke will go above the bricks and into ducts on either side of the smoker.

    The cut outs for the air intakes on the fire box.   Doing an upper and lower intake as per Dave's suggestion.

    Built a grate out of 5/8 bar this morning

    Holes for the spot welds on the X

    Yeah, I know we need to clean the shop, just going hard trying to get this knocked out as fast as possible.  

    Installing the main plate in the morning and working on the side ducts.
  5. ahumadora

    ahumadora Smoking Fanatic

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  6. Looks like a solid build. Please keep giving updates,my next build is going to be a vertical
  7. thesmokist

    thesmokist Meat Mopper

    Looks great man and you've got some killer metal fab skills!
  8. ahumadora

    ahumadora Smoking Fanatic

    It will hit 104F (40c) here tomorrow.   We will work till lunchtime then concentrate on our beer drinking skills.
  9. ahumadora

    ahumadora Smoking Fanatic

    Thought you might like to see my dinner tonight. Been workin hard so bought me and wifey some steaks. 

    That's a 2" Argentine steak right there.

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  10. ahumadora

    ahumadora Smoking Fanatic

    We should have this finished tomorrow.  107 F (42 c) in the shop today.  
  11. ahumadora

    ahumadora Smoking Fanatic

    It is cooler today under 100 F.   Thanks ambient temp, no fire lit in it.

     Finished in week with 2 of us working on it.

    A lot of  sweat, filth and noise, but it cam together in the end.

    Will fire it up tomorrow and test it out.
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  12. ahumadora

    ahumadora Smoking Fanatic

    Fired it up today.

    It took 20 mins to go from 100 to 230F with lump charcoal, dry Pecan branches and a weed burner.   Both the upper and lower air intakes sucked air from the get go and I opened the grease drain while running and it sucked air also. Both good signs.  Took it to 350F to test it. I will post pics in a week or so of it cooking. The owner checked t out today and was over the moon.
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  13. That's very nice!
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  14. redheelerdog

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    Amazing smoker build. Great job!

    That smoker has some serious rack space.
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