About to start my first real attempt at smoking, lump hardwood or something else?

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  1. Ok like the title says I'm going to try my first beef smoke here in about an hour and have a question about the charcoal. I've been using the Cowboy brand hardwood coal for a while and other than the initial high heat and quick die off I have no compliaints. Having said that is there something out there that will burn a little cooler and a little longer? I only use the briquettes (spelling?) from Kingsford when we're doing some actual grilling since it's what I've always used but with smoking it tends to leave a little lighter fluid taste on the meats, my lady and I both have sensitive taste buds and the lighter fluid just ruins the meat for us. I use a Brinkmann SNP, have the baffle, charcoal basket (sort of) and have added several gauges to help with the temp control, also have the chimney set down near the grate inside.

    Quick picture of the pit. I've added a fire box gauge and 4 others since the one that came with it is pretty much a joke. Will do a Qveiw this afternoon and add it here so ya'll can tell me what I did wrong on my first attempt. Oh and all I'm doing is a small piece of meat, don't want to ruin a big piece if something goes wrong the first time.[​IMG]
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    I just use Kingsford Blue bag. Don't start it with lighter fluid, and don't buy matchlight charcoal. Get a charcoal chimney to start the charcoal with. If you still want to use lump use RO. Wally world carries it. It's in a red bag. Good luck!
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  3. Ok quick update. How it started with my chunks soaking. [​IMG] Got the meat ready, FYI this was the package of a single 40oz bone in ribeye that I had cut and paid for last month. I don't know much about meat but this is NOT a ribeye.... hell I don't even know what this is but it's getting smoked.[​IMG] Temps set and running, 400 degrees in the fire box, 200 at first cook gauge and 150 for the other three. Still can't figure out how I'm losing 200 degrees in just under a foot of space.[​IMG] Will keep you updated.
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  5. Well it went badly. Turned the meat into jerky really quickly. Will try again this week with something a little thicker. Dang it.

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