about to buy steel for firebox/warming box and want a second opinion on design

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  1. This is my second build and i figured out all the stuff i didnt want to do on the first one so here we go again, went from 320 to 500gal, single to tandem trailer so i have room for all accessories and storage on the trailer, dual racks instead of single. Racks are in, doors etc. my biggest mistake on the first was the firebox, i used a fuel tank from an old oil furnace, super thin metal, this time im buying 1/4  in plate, so here is my plan for this one. 

    feldon bbq calculator says my firebox should be 38500 and this design is 38800 36wx36lx30h so almost dead on. i need help figuring out how high to put my RF plate so that the throat from FB to tank is big enough. and the calculator says i need 152 chimney if i go with 4 in, which seems really tall. even with dual 4in pipes saying about 7 ft tall, how much shorter can i go if i put an opening between the tank and warming box and have the chimney come off the warming box?
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    I'm sure you'll get more knowledgeable reply's than mine, but 1/4" material for the fire box on a 500 gallon reverse flow smoker may be a little on the thin side. My brother in law used 3/8" for the fire box on his 500 gallon and his box gets extremely hot. His box is not sized by the calculator here http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/...daveomak-and-others-ready-to-use-rev5-6-19-15, so you may want to take a look and reconsider your calculations.
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    First of all, 1/4" for the firebox is just fine.
    Routing the exhaust through the warming box will reduce the exhaust height by the height of the warming box, so no real improvement there.

    4" exhaust is really small for a 500 gal smoker. An 8" exhaust would work much better.
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    Guess I should have said 1/4" for firebox may be a little thin on a 500 gallon smoker if your using Feldons calculations. Your firebox will be undersized and will be getting much hotter.

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