About to buy my first smoker...just need a little more advice

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by jossman31, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. Hey all,

    Just signed up and I absolutely love the great information available.  I'm just about to purchase my first smoker and have narrowed it down to either the Masterbuilt 2 door duel fuel pro or the Master Forge Double Door.   Is there a benefit to one or the other?  They seem pretty similar. They both have great reviews,but I just would like to hear some pros/cons before I make the purchase..  I'm sure this topic exists somewhere in here, but any feedback will be greatly appreciated! 
  2. kathrynn

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    I dont know much about those smokers....but have heard that the Masterforge has issues...and most use the Masterbuilt.  Hope someone else chimes in soon to give you some other advice.

  3. dirtsailor2003

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    I'm not a big fan of the double door propane smokers. Since I have the AMNTS tube smoker, and I don't use water in my water pan I don't have a need to open the door during the cook. Also with the propane smoker the heat recovery time is next to nothing. My GOSM big block has been great. The only mods I've made were to add a needle valve so I can get the temps down lower.
  4. jirod

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    I have the MasterBuilt 2-door propane smoker.  I like it (it was my first real smoker as well).  One word of caution I had before finding this site, is I would have flare up from the chips/chunks on the tray and get temp spikes.  There are some good mods to be found on here that will really help you with any smoker you buy.

    Honestly I have never used one, and depending on your intentions, I would look at an electric smoker and the AMNTS (or similar).  I have used the tube in my propane smoker, but it took some fiddling to get it to work.  I think for a newbie an electric smoker with an AMNTS would help give you more consistent product from the get go.  Again never used an electric smoker, but a lot of things I've read on here make me wish I would have found this site before I bought my propane smoker.

    Also another problem I found out too late was the size.  I cannot get a full rack of baby back or spare ribs to fit across the width (or depth) of my MaseterBuilt.  May want to look at the dimensions if you plan on doing many big pieces of meat (whole briskets or ribs), and look at one of the bigger sizes.
  5. Thanks for the input guys!

    I'm now leaning towards the Masterbuilt XL after reading Jirods post.  I'm having a bbq in a couple of weeks and will probably need more room than the 2 door smokers will give me.  The XL is only about $20-$25 more and seems like I get double the cooking space.  Still haven't made a purchase yet, but will keep you updated!
  6. dirtsailor2003

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    I started a long time ago with an old charcoal vertical smoker, man did I learn to hate that thing (way before the WSM). I was gifted the the GOSM and my first cook I was in heaven. Living off grid at the time, electric smokers were not feasible. Today I still try and live off grid as much as possible. The single door option gives you more room and that is key when doing larger smokes. I'd suggest a practice run before your event. Producing good smoke with a gas unit is tricky with the stock equipment. The AMNTS tube smoker works great, but you need to know how to use it and placement is key. Also a good digital therm is needed as the ones that come with the smokers suck! Get your smoker therm and a good smoke generator and practice before you smoke for a gathering!
  7. Hey All, 

    Well, I did it! Purchased my first smoker and went with the Masterbuilt XL Propane smoker.  Picked it up at B P Shops for $199 as this was the no sales tax holiday weekend so I was able to save a little on that end.  Purchased a cast iron skillet to go along with it after reading all of the reviews and mods regarding the chip pan.  Thanks again for all of the great advice.  Will put it together this week and bought a couple racks of ribs to get started on.  I'll post pics and updates as the come along.  Any other mods or advice will be appreciated as always!

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