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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nopeda, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. nopeda

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    I was able to get probe 1 to do meat--chicken--170 degrees. What is the barbecue setting? I thought it meant it would present the temperature of the environment it is in, so set probe 2 to barbecue with the high to 477 degrees and the low to 32 degrees, thinking it would display whatever the surrounding temperature is. That probe was sitting on top of the smoker with the outside air temp around 48 degrees, but instead of displaying any temp it just shows nothing but - - - . I had hoped that in the future I could put it inside the smoker and it would display the temp in there, but I guess not. Or is sitting on top of the metal topped and painted smoker somehow disabling it? If not, what is the barbecue setting used for?
  2. slimc

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    BBQ setting means you get a range it should beep if temp of probe goes over or under range . Meat setting is for doneness , beeps when it reaches that temp in meat.

    If lines are showing it usually means your probe is not pushed into the unit all the way or the two units are not synced . Try holding in the sync button on the unit you plug the probes into
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    Yep, not plugged in properly or bad probe. Use the BBQ probe to monitor the Smoker temp. You can use the Clip to attach it to the grate you will be cooking on...JJ
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    Thank you people for your input! Tried it again tonight and the thermometer worked well, both probes.

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