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Discussion in 'Pork' started by lovespicyfood, Jan 31, 2015.

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    Awhile back I smoked a bone-in ~12lb picnic roast for pulled pork and it came out great!  Getting ready for Super Bowl this weekend, I was pleased to pick up a 2 1/2 pound package that said pork picnic roast for carnitas.  I figured that would be the perfect size for just me and my family.

    I took it out of the package this morning to season it and I was disappointed to see that it is all chunks!  I guess I should have figured that out from the name on the package but I assumed it was one piece.

    Any suggestions on how to smoke it?  Most of the chunks are fairly uniform and ~3.5x~3.5" in size.  However, a few chunks are quite small.  I know this is going to cook A LOT quicker than that 12 lb shoulder I cooked, but how should I check to see when these chunks are done?  Can I just probe the thickest chunks and pull all of the meat when it is 195, knowing the smaller chunks are going to be done quite a bit sooner?  Will that be okay?  

    Or should I temp the smaller chunks, pull them out at 195 and then go the larger size chunks?  Is the cut of meat that sensitive?  The smaller chunks are so small that probing it seems pointless, I could take a surface temperature reading.

    Sorry, I know these questions might seem dumb but I'm trying to figure out the best way to approach this...

    I did slather the chunks in mustard, coated them in Pappy's seasoning and then put them in a vacuum container as I think I might smoke it tonight for tomorrow...

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    I'd treat them more like burnt ends that people do for brisket. Or braise them. It's going to be hard to keep them from drying out. Maybe smoke them at a low temp for a hour or so and then finish them by braising them or crockpot. Or wrap in foil with a bit of Apple juice and braise in the smoker.
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    This may sound crazy but it might work, you can try putting them in Cheese Cloth wrapped as tight as you can. Then smoke them and check the center for and IT of 200 to 203.
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    wrap em in bacon!!!!
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    Thank you for the suggestions everyone! I've decided to prepare it as burnt ends! As for bacon, I think I might make some ABT's as I have never done that before! :biggrin:

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