Aaron Franklin-Inspired Brisket w/ Q-view

Discussion in 'Beef' started by mneeley490, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. mneeley490

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    I've been wanting to try one his way for a while now. So I bought a small-ish, 10.72 lb. Angus choice packer to experiment. This was fairly well trimmed already, so I doubt I took off more than 1/2 lb of fat before smoking. This was kind of an odd one; the point was large and extended more than half way, so it was like 50/50 point and flat.

    Fat side before trimming

    Lean side

    Dusted with 50/50 coarse pepper and kosher salt (and a touch of granulated garlic, not part of Aaron's recipe, but I like it.)

    Into the smoker last night around 10:45 pm, at 250°. Sorry no pics, but it was dark anyway. Loaded up my AMNPS with oak pellets and lit both sides. Then went to bed.

    I had planned on wrapping it when it hit 165°-170°, but it cooked much faster than I anticipated. I checked the E-732 readout about 5 am, and it was already at 180°!  I rushed outside to wrap in butcher paper, and it only took about another half hour to hit 195° from there. So for a 10 lb. brisket, it only took less than 7  hours of cooking time.  AMNPS was completely burned through; I think the higher temp makes it burn a little faster than normal.

    Shot of wrapped brisket in the cooler


    And some quality control pieces sliced off.

    Verdict: Not sure if it was the smaller brisket, higher temp, or a combo of both, but now I know I can start one this size in the morning instead of the night before, and still have it ready in time for dinner. I've had others go 24+ hours before.

    The taste is really good; you really get that beef flavor coming through rather than the spice rub. And let's face it, some rubs do just get in the way of the meat.

    No smoke ring, but that's okay.

    The test pieces came from the small, thin end of the brisket, and I thought they could have been a little moister, but they still tasted great. I think the thicker parts, including the point will probably be just fine.
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  2. Well that sure looks delicious. Great color. Makes me wanna have a sammich.
  3. brandon91

    brandon91 Meat Mopper

    Looks really good, I want to try a whole packer sometime but can't fit one in my current smoker.
  4. mneeley490

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    This was done in my electric fridge conversion. I could probably fit a dozen that size in there if I really tried.
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  5. jwbtulsa

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    I figured out that too. I quit buying the huge packers and now look for one 11-13 lbs. size. Trimming is variable of course. I tend to trim my packers down quit a bit and have never had any dryness issues. I even carve out the large abscess of fat between the point and flat. I run the offset between 250 and 275F. I can start one in the morning and it's ready by dinner. If I can get done by four then it all golden after that. Keep a pan underneath to collect the liquid gold. good stuff indeed.

    If I do a SmokyOkie method of cooking then it goes even faster!
  6. mneeley490

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    Well I sliced the rest for dinner, and I'm happy to report that it was very moist and flavorful. I don't think I'll have people lining up around the block at 8am for my Q though.

    Don't know if I'll keep doing it this way, but it's a nice alternative.
  7. tonybel

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    Looks great!!!
  8. foamheart

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    It looks good. I was going to do my last brisket almost the same, then company showed up and I reverted to low and slow as to not have to think about what I was doing. But I want to try, 270 box to and 155 IT, wrap in paper back to 203, pull cooler for 2 hours. I was told its was an excellent brisket and only took from fire up @9:30 AM to slice and eat at 6:30 PM on a full packer.

    I am going to try it, feeling more comfortable now seeing how well this looks.

    Great looking cook!

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