A Turkey Smoking A Turkey!!!

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  1. Well, I'm going to attempt my first turkey smoke today on the Chargriller Outlaw. I've read up a bit on some of the ones done by members of this forum, and wow, they were impressive. So hopefully I can get decent results. I took the bird out of the freezer last week and let it thaw in the fridge. I brined it 26 hrs and just took it out of the brine. I'm going to let it sit and dry a few hours in the fridge, let it sit on the tabletop for about half hour, then get it on the smoker. The brine smelled great. I used about a dozen spices. I going to be smoking with peach wood mini splits (little bigger than beer can).

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    Good luck, it looks like your off to a great start.
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    Looks good! What kind of smoker do you use?
  4. Chargriller Outlaw modded up w basket, new temp gauges, baffle, extended stack, rustoleum high heat paint, sealed up.

  5. I almost had a disaster. I forgot to rinse the brine off after I took it out. Thank god my teacher Ed, from www.kickassbbq.com noticed it in the photo and reminded me. Nothing like biting into a nice pocket of salt after cooking for hours. Thanks Ed. Everyone should check out Ed's site, he's awesome. Anyway did that, oiled it up and ready to go.
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  6. Put the bird on at 1030. It's on for half hour. Peach wood smells great. Temps closing in at 275. Buster approves!

  7. After 1hr 15 min temp and temp has been settled at 285 for a while, I have a lit chimney of lump I am going to add. Will add another mini split of peach also. I'm hoping to keep temp in that area.

  8. Been smoking for 2 hrs. Temps around 285 area. Just added another peach mini split.

  9. It's 1:15. Bird smoking 2hrs 45 min. I'm at 150 in leg temp. Spritzed bird with beer. Well, it's 5 o'clock somewhere, so I think I'll have a cold beer.

  10. 3 hrs into smoke. Temps at 160. I added 1 more lit chimney of lump and 2 more mini splits peach. I know it won't take on more smoke flavor, but that smell of peach wood is making neighbors drool. I covered the bird because it's getting pretty dark. I don't want bark on my bird.

  11. 4 hrs between 275-300. This 15 lb. bird's goose is cooked!!!

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    Oh My !!!

    That's Beautiful !!!------------[​IMG]

    Awesome Mahogany Color!![​IMG][​IMG]

  13. Beautiful Bird !!!   Pat yourself on the back great job, that color if fantastic.

    Gary S
  14. Thanks Bear & Gary. That means a lot coming from guys of you caliber.
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    Looks very tasty.
  16. Thanks Guys.
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  17. Thanks Guys.
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    Yep, it's done....I see your probe popped up...lol. Agree with everybody else....that color is B-utiful. So, how was your first buzzard?? As you know I'm doing one later today so thanks for setting the bar kinda high .....that's a tough act to follow. Well done, congrats.....Willie
  19. It tasted good. The white meat was little dry, it cooked a little faster than the dark. Next time I will butterfly (or spatchcock) the bird to get a more even cook. I made up a gravy from the leftover dripping that helped moisten that whit meat up. But overall, I was pleased. Thanks for the kind words, means a lot coming from guys that are vets at this.
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  20. Looks like my Missy dog gosh i miss that dog best dog I ever had turkey looks good also :)

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