A Texas Pig Roast

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  1. What you need
    Well a whole PIG ,Hopefully cleaned, shaved and washed
    Lots of Onion, Apples and dried seasoning you like. I like Garlic, cajun spice, a good dry rub. Or even Montreal Steak Seasoning.
    Lots of Seasoned hard wood
    At least 3 old skids broke up to start with
    A bunch of cardboard boxes broke down so they are flat
    And enough chicken wire fence to wrap the pig in so you can retreive him from the pit after he is done

    Take the pig and season it with lots of seasoning inside and out. Put a bunch of whole apples and onions inside the open cavity, about 10 each. Now set it on a picnic table. Dig a hole in the ground 1 1/2 times as long and twice as wide as the pig ( Save the dirt right beside the hole). Throw in a pile of broken skids and set it on fire. When that is burning good, and I mean good. Start throwing in hardwood (Oak Maple, Hickory is fine) You may even use fruit woods. DO NOT USE PINE OR BLACK WALNUT. You want to have enough red coals so they stand a foot above the hole when the wood is burnt. While the wood is burning have someone soak all the cardboard with water. I mean when you pick one up water should pour out of it. After the coals are burnt down shovel out half of them on the opposite side of the hole as the dirt. Set half of the wet cardboard right on the coals in the hole covering the coals, Lay the pig in next wrapped in your fence and wired together, cover good with the rest of the wet cardboard. Now pile on the rest of the hot coals and cover completely with dirt piled up good. Take a shovel handle and poke a hole in the middle of the dirt pile. And in 12 hours,, Heaven is comimg out of the ground. This thing steams and gets nice and crusty on the outside. The cardboard will not completely burn up. But the fire will burn underground for about 14-15 hours. Dig up and Enjoy. Next time I make one it comes with Qview I'm here if you need me,Wa-Do Chefrc
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    Now that sounds like something my family would try, but I must say that pics would enhance the thought. It's all good my friend.
  3. cowgirl

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  4. god bless Texas   [​IMG]
  5. Looks just like it and man are they good. Beautiful pics Cowgirl
  6. cowgirl

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    Thanks Chefrc!  Aren't they tasty?... I think underground cooked meat has it's own flavor, different from smoked or Q'd ...... it's so moist and tender and just downright good. [​IMG]
  7. You are a Cowgirl after my own heart. And yes Ma'am they are in a league all their own. And a taste that cannot be compared. Great minds think alike,,or so they say. You have a great smokey weekend now.
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    Thank you Chefrc...[​IMG] Hope you have a great weekend too.[​IMG]

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