A Tale of Two Butts... Italian styles pulled pork and traditional pulled pork for make ahead sliders

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    So... I have a meat addiction. When I see a good deal I buy it and throw it in one of my 3 freezers (a serious internal conflict happened at Costco last week involving a possible 4th). My addiction conflicts with my need to empty my freezers this time of the year to make room for the 1000+ Christmas cookies I make to continue my mom's tradition. So I happened to buy an 8.5# butt because the price was right and I could not freeze it. So, I worked a deal out with my mother in law who hosts Christmas Eve. I asked her if I make some dishes ahead of time for Christmas Eve, could she store them in her extra freezer. She accepted and cleared out 2 full shelves. Wow, this getting long and I haven't gotten to the meat. I probably lost half of you. Ok so I decided for make ahead appetizers I would make pulled pork sliders two ways.

    Disclaimer; the tale of two butts is really one butt cut in half.

    Here they are;

    Left, traditional with Memphis Dust rub
    Right, SQWIBS Philly style rub

    So the game plan was to smoke them both until they hit 165 or so. Used a mix of apple and hickory and smoked around 300 degrees. After about 3 hours, they were there.

    Now I chose to wrap the Italian style because bark was of no concern and leave the traditional naked to get some crispy goodness.

    Popped them both in a 300 oven to finish. Passed the time with a trip tobthe basement bar. Look at that variety!

    My friends are great. Always bring over way too much of 10 different beers and I contribute as well... I digress.

    So after about an hour, they are both at 203. I lucked out. The wrapped one had the bone in it and the unwrapped did not so maybe that contributed to this phenomenon. They were about 4# each.

    Here's the traditional:

    And the Italian style:

    Now to make SQWIBS finishing sauce for the Italian (or Philly style as he calls it)

    The pulled Italian style:

    And now with the finishing sauce added

    And now the traditional style pulled:

    Tomorrow the slider construction will begin. Some toppings and condiments need to be made before that can happen. Thanks for looking and I will be back with more!
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    Next step in the sautéed broccoli rabe with garlic and olive oil :

    First boil it for a few minutes to remove some of the bitterness. At least that's what I've read and heard.

    Plunge it in some cold water to stop it from over cooking and to keep it green

    Drained it well and sautéed in garlic oil then tossed in some salt, black pepper. And red pepper flakes. And it's done:

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    Now to build the sliders

    Some Martin's dinner rolls

    Put the bottom half Of each roll in a foil tray, then put the sautéed broccoli rabe on, then the pulled pork, then shaved extra sharp provolone, cover it up with top of the bun and you're all done...

    For the traditional pulled pork, the same process work. I usually go bun, pulled pork, a little bit of your favorite sauce, and a sprinkle of the dry rib you uses to cook the butt.

    I usually drop some homemade coleslaw on these when I am serving them.

    Here's the best part of building these sliders.
    They can be wrapped up and frozen for future dinners, party appetizers, etc. Thaw them for about a day in the fridge and reheat, covered in foil for 15-20 minutes at 350. They turn out great because the meat retains its moisture and the bun gets slightly crispy but still soft and squishy on the inside. Thanks for looking and I wish you all a happy thanksgiving!
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    Looks good! I hoping to make pork burnt ends this weekend.
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    Thanks! I still haven't tried burnt ends of any kind! Gotta try them soon!

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