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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by oldschoolbbq, May 24, 2013.

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    I feel there are a lot of us here at the age of needing to watch our health a bit more , so I'm toss an idea for those that need Prescribed Diuretics for CHF or Diabetes or Lymphoma , etc.

    Losing a lot of water quickly causes a depletion of Electrolytes in the body. These carry sodium and such to our Muscles to aid in contracting and releasing . A sudden loss without the proper RE-Hydration , can cause some severe Muscle Cramps. The sudden contraction of the muscles .

    Let's say you are out this Summer enjoying a day with the Relatives and the heat is up there... you get busy playing with the Kids or doing something to the Q , and a Major Cramp. Neither Beer , Water , Milk or anything else will help, and cooling down a bit takes a lot of time.

    I used to get Quinine Tablets from my Dr. -knowing this help with the cramps during Malaria , He said it would help my Electrolyte loss quicker than any other way (in 20-30min. for me) . However , these are no longer Prescribed , at all... remedy[​IMG]

    You drinkers will like this... TONIC WATER ... it has Quinine in it and if you think you'll be doing a lot of exercise and getting hot, get a few bottles and drink on then during the day (between the refreshments) or drink something that includes  Tonic Water (two birds with one stone). Still have helpers, so you can enjoy the Kids more , and enjoy your Parties.

    Hope this comes to help you that  suffer the pain of cramps . Sorry , but it won't help those regular things Gals [​IMG].

    Have fun this Summer ans as always. . .
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    good info right there.. thanks bub...
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  3. I had forgotten about Tonic Water after I gave up the Gin, and the Malaria stopped bothering me too much.  Thanks for the reminder!  Steve
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    Good Info OldschoolBBQ, and good timing too!

    You might also think of Bananas. There is not a track trainer in the country that doesn't carry a huge bag full of bananas to every summer track meet. Bananas are loaded with electrolytes specifically potassium.

    Pickle juice works also because of the vinegar. If you'll think back as a child ( some of use have to try and remeber that far back), didn't your Mom make what mine called summer pickles when it got hot? Cucumbers, onions, maybe some cherry tomatoes that she would cover and let sit over night in vinegar sugar and water? Not only were they refreshing, but they contained energy and electrolytes.

    Glad to know of the tonic, but even with the gin it really tastes like medicene. LOL

    Thanks again OldschoolBBQ
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    Gin was called " mothers ruin" when I was a kid. Not my mother mind you she didn't drink! Don't like gin or tonic but have found magnesium tablets help with cramp a lot. Troubled by cramps in my feet & calves at night got to magnesium via health food store.
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    I take Magnesium myself for the long acting prophylactic benefit, however , this little trick is for a quick remedy.

    It takes about 20min. for the Quinine to work , whereas several hours for the ingested remedy.

    I don't like to hurt and this is a good cure for the sudden party killing cramp.

    Have a good Memorial Day and , Thank a Vet. They got us here and are on vigilant guard.

    As always , have fun and. . .

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