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  1. Sorry if this is a newbie question but here goes. I love smoked beef ribs and I have asked for them from my local store as uncut short ribs. But when I unwrap them some are very meaty-say two inches of meat on top of the bone. Other times they look thin with about 1/2 inch of meat. Is there a way to ask for the meaty ones? In a cryo pack they look about the same....thanks for the help.
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    I think it depends on what area of the country you live in. In Texas they get some awesome meaty beef ribs. I had the exact problem as you. Some of them I picked up from the grocery store were as you described. I spend the time to smoke them take the one bite of meat off of each bone and that was it.

    I finally got a in at a local restaurant supply company where I can purchase from them. I have to buy case lots which I don't mind and they are the best beef ribs I have ever gotten around here anyway. Could they be even more meatier sure but they are certainly worth the time to smoke. I think the brand name is Chef's Table.

    If you buy a half a beef or something you can ask the butcher to cut them for you leaving most of the meat on but you won't get rib eye steaks then either. It's a trade off.

    Maybe somebody can answer this for me. I take the membrane off the ribs and there is like another membrane underneath that that will not come off. At first I thought it might cook off but it doesn't it's still there after smoking. Anyone else who does beef ribs have this?
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    It sounds like you may be getting beef back ribs sometimes, IMPS124. 

    You're looking for beef plate short ribs or Beef chuck ribs, which are listed as IMPS123A and IMPS130  (IMPS stands for Institutional Meat Purchase Specifications and is defined by the USDA). 

    The plate short ribs, IMPS123A, are a 3 bone rack and the chuck ribs, IMPS130, are a 4 bone rack. The difference between the two types are that the plate short ribs and chuck ribs have the meat on top of the bone, whereas the back ribs have the meat between the bones. 
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    Great Answer! Points!

    @3montes...Pork Ribs are the same way. Difference is the connective tissue that holds the muscles to the rib bones does not need to be as thick and strong so is thinner and cooks away for the most part. With beef, it's just the nature of the beast to be thick and tough...JJ

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