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    I have for sale parts to make a smoker.  A 20" pipe 49+ inches long 1/4 diameter, enough plate to make a reverse flow plus warming box, either trailer mounted or with legs, 4" chimney, a 4' x 8' sheet of 3/4" expanded metal.  Everything to make a trailer mounted reverse flow smoker but the axle.  I have made a few and one that I have made is finding its way back to me.  Anyway I have it, it is for sale, $350.00 come get it.  No endless E-mails or texts, I know what I have, I do not have pictures, its for sale, my number is (614) 266- 5234. If you want to build a smoker, you won't get hurt on this deal. I am putting it here because I do not want this material to go for scrap!
  2. Am I missing a location somewhere...??  I know the area code but that doesn't mean anything these days (my area code is Alaska and i'm in Nevada)

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