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    Tomorrow on Memorial Day a wreath will be laid at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

    Let me introduce you to this American.  This American regardless of the powerful natural instinct to survive, set fear aside and answered the call to potentially sacrifice all, for his neighbors.  This is the true definition of courage and heroism.

    With little more than pitchforks and sticks this soldier prevailed against the best equipped and powerful military force known to man in 1776, giving birth to a nation founded on principles that the power of any government should be derived from the governed.  That the unique American experiment based on rights given by god and not men’s doctrines would insure eventual equality for all citizens and protect each individual from oppressive intrusion by their governments.  A few years later in 1812 this soldier was asked to relive his ordeal while the White House burned.  He was successful despite once again overwhelming odds. 

    We asked him in 1861 to preserve what he had won for us before.  We required that he set aside his love for his family and friends and be willing to take up arms against them in the bloodiest war he had ever fought.  Maimed and battered he returned home to morn his brothers’ death knowing it could have well been his musket ball that killed him. 

    This soldier answered the call in not one but two world wars, not only dieing for us but for those he had fought against to create this nation.  After seeing the horrors in Auschwitz, we asked him to reintegrate into our society, and fuel the greatest economic growth seen on earth. 

    We then sent him to Korea to die again fighting a new social idea called communism which was sworn to destroy our way of life.  We sent him to an obscure country in the Far East for the same reasons and when he came home he was spit on and shunned by his own people. 

    Today the Unknown Soldier is once again fighting and dieing for us in the Middle East.  He has left his family and friends to once again do our bidding.  He rarely asks why.  He knows his duty is to the people he serves.  When we call on him to give his all, it is our duty to do our best to insure the cause worthy of his sacrifice.  It is our duty to remember and honor and support him.  He knows his duty as our servant, do we know ours?
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    Thank you. That was truly moving.
  3. I think this is something that every person living in these Great United States should know. That this nation wasn't just handed to us, it was fought for, and many great Men and Woman have died for the Freedoms we have. Thank you for posting this and I hope it is read by everyone here.
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    Great thread, Rick. I had never known the background of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier until you just posted this.

    Thank you
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    You are most welcome.  The Tomb of the Unknown soldier represents the sacrifice made by all those who have gone before.  We may not know there names.  We may not have been able to identify their remains.  We may not even know exactly what they did on our behalf.  We can only thank them.
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    Well said, Rick. Veterans always get a good feeling inside when real appreciation is displayed.

    For anyone who would like a more in depth look at the Tomb of the Unknowns and the unique Soldiers that have guarded it 24/7 since 1937 check out     http://www.tombguard.org    There are some myths out there that are cleared up in the FAQ section. You will be amazed at what they do, especially when no one is looking.

    God Bless America
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    Thank you so much for the link.  I have had a hard time keeping dry eyes during this thread as all men in my family on my fathers side has served since before the Civil War.  I try and honor their and all veterans service.  To forget out history and the sacrifices made is in my mind an invitation to lose the corner stones of our nation.  Do I get angry when a young person doesn't get it?

    No; I get fearful for them and their children.  God Bless the Veterans.     

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    Very well said Rick and all. I am thankful I can sleep safe at night because of the sacrifices that our soldiers have made. God Bless America
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    Good job Rick. I was just coming to this section to post up a little reminder but you summed it up already!

    I kinda wanted to remind everybody to, while they are celebrating, have a moment of quiet and give thought and thanxs to those who have given all so that we can do the things we do, and hoist up a cold one right afterwards, in thier honor.

    Semper Fidels brothers..
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    Yes Thank you very much there Rick for those kind words. I personally have been to the tomb of the unknown soldier a few times and with a son who was in or is in Iraq now but coming home on this great weekend. This will be the second time he is/was (one of them) scheduled to leave Iraq once as a Marine and this time in the Army. It is a great place to visit and when you look out and down the field of tombstones / crosses of Arlington National Cemetery it will help to put into perspective how many young people have given their lives. Now the tomb of the unknown soldier is only for soldiers that were unable to be identified in was in overseas battles. It is guarded 24/7 during everything from snow, sleek, heat or a downpour will not stop theses guards to move or leave their duty station. Thanks again Rick

    It's Great to Be a part of this Country
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