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  1. Have been wanting to smoke some different kinds of meats like brisket, shoulder, etc. but don't have a dedicated smoker.  I do have a nice natural gas Weber Summit Gold that's about 10 years old now but still in excellent condition.  Eventually I may get a nice dedicated smoker like the Smokin' It or similar, but for now, it sure would be nice to be able to use my expensive grill to smoke as well!  My cooking grate size is probably 36" X 18" or so, and I probably wouldn't be getting above 250 degrees or so for the brisket or shoulder.  What would you guys recommend, the 18" tube smoker, or the 5" X 8" pellet smoker?  From what I read, it looks like the pellet smoker releases smoke longer, which may be needed on 12 hr. or more cooks.  Is  this because it holds more pellets or just releases the smoke slower?  Also, if I go with this model, would you recommend the sawdust or pellets?

  2. Yep . the Pellet unit will be great. You'll love it. [​IMG]  

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    Have fun and . . .
  3. I have a Weber Genesis and use the 18 inch tube smoker and by using the Maverick ET-732 set can keep the temp between 225 and 240 degrees on the indirect side.  I also place two water filled aluminum under the grates on the indirect side.  The only time I don't use the tube is when I prepare salmon.  I then use the triangular shaped prism with green alder for the smoke. 

    Without using heat I use the 18 tube smoker to smoke cheese, but only can do that when it is cloudy, or the temp goes above 60 degrees.
  4. Ok, so 1 vote for the pellet, and one for the tube, lol!  I've got 6 burners on my Summit, so I normally just light the two farthest burners on opposite sides and put my meat in the middle. This setup with the two outside burners on low will stay at 225 degrees unless my smoke box with wood chunks gets too hot and brings the overall temps up a bit.  Suppose I could also just lite a couple of burners on one side.  I know the 18" tube holds 1 lb. of pellets, so how much does the 5" X 8" pellet unit hold?  Also, how long does it smoke at say 225 degrees?  Guess it just depends on how much rack space you want to devote to the smoker.  I've also got a Genesis with 3 burners.

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