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  1. Why do people use the amazen smoker in an electric smoker?  What is the advantage to this method?  I noticed a post where a guy was making sausage and sticks using this set up.  Is this a way of smoking at a lower temperature?  Please help, I want to make sausage and sticks and don't know if I need to make an investment in the amazen smoker.  Please fill me in on the benefits of using the described method.  Thanks!
  2. mossymo

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    The A-Maze-N Smoker will provide a steady, quality smoke. Most electric smokers element's turns on and off just long enough to bring the smoker to temp, many electric smokers have issues keeping chips smoldering or even get them started, even more so with warmer outside temps. Also for smoking cheese at low temps the smoker element does not need to be powered on, the A-Maze-N Smoker will provide the smoke and low heat needed typically in 60º to 75º outside temps.
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    Electric smokers have a tough time generating smoke at low temps, because they rely on the heating element for the chips to burn.  When the smoker gets to temp, the heating element turns off, and so does your heat source for your smoke.

    You can generate smoke using a tin can, soldering iron and some pellets.  Lots of ways to generate smoke at low temps, but this little gadget makes it easy.

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    The guys above have pretty much filled you in on the benefits.  I have an MES30 and the AMAZN and the two of them work together great!  My first few smokes with the MES and chips was tough.  The first time I couldn't keep the chips going and the second time I actually oversmoked some ABT's I was doing.  If you already have an electric or if you are considering getting one the AMAZN is a great investment.  I actually just ordered my pellet smoker from Todd a few days ago!!!

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    What MossyMo and TJohnson said....... I have found there are 2 critical aspects to good quality smoked foods....

    Controlling the heat for a perfect cooked product is very important...

    Controlling the amount of smoke for a perfectly smoked product is very important....

    With the AMAZN, or similar products, you can control the smoke, at pretty much any temperature, and make a premium product with practice...

    Using the heat supply, in an electric smoker, to do both is not the best method to produce a quality product, but can be done with practice....

    Just my opinion on what I have determined ...

    There is no wrong or right way to smoke food.. only different methods and/or preferences

    Disclaimer-- I am a newbie and have so much to learn it is frightening.... My smoker is a MES 30 ( highly modified ).... 

    Everything I have learned is from this forum and the many folks here whom have years of experience and gracious enough to share their wisdom...
  6. BlueBombers, I have an mes 30.  I, today just ordered the amazn smoker with pellets.  Now, will I need to use the electric element during smoking sausage or beef sticks? I plan on adding instacure #1 so I guess temperature isn't an issue.  What temp does the smoker need to be to bake beef sticks?  How do you know when they are finished?  Thanks guys!
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    Congrats on ordering your AMNPS, you will not regret it!

    You will still use the element of your MES to hold the temps you are wanting the smoker to be at for sausage.

    For meat sticks I preheat the smoker to 130º.  Put sticks in smoker at 130º for 1 hr with no smoke for a drying time, then turn up to 150º and smoke for 2 hours, then turn temp to 170º-190º (lower is slower but generally better) until internal temp of the stick are 155º.
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    Yup, just saw the order....THX!

    You missed a $10 Off Coupon Deal for SMF Members, so I credited you $10 on your CC.

    Coupon Code = SMF$10

    You're gonna dig it!

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  9. bearcarver

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    All good info above!

    Congrats to you for joining the AMNPS Team!!!

    And the way Mossy smokes that sausage (above) is pretty much the basics for many a great stick or log!  MMMmmmm........

    Best to you,

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  10. scarbelly

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    This is why Todd is such a class act.!

    I was having an issue with burning chunks in my SmokinTex and keeping a steady
    quality smoke. The AMNS solved that problem with a great steady smoke. I have never gone back to the chunks again.
  11. Todd's products are very well designed and work well. And his customer service is top notch.
  12. roller

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    I got mine a month ago and cant stop smoking..This gagit is so easy and you have steady smoke for many many hours with no fuss or hassel...ITS JUST GREAT !!!!  And Todd is a great guy to deal with....
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    Sorry I didn't get back to you but I do the same as MossyMO and gradually ramp up the temp!  Good luck and if you need any help send me a PM or put up a post. 
  14. Thanks for all the advise and tips.  I will post an update after I receive the smoker and give it a try.  This is a really great site!

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