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  1. Hey Guys, so I cant find anything on this so I figured I'd ask...I have a propane smoker and was thinking about getting a AMNS for those long overnight smokes. but I couldnt find anything that specifies where to put it.... My smoker I have now, I have to put the wood chip pan right over top of the burner for it to create any smoke worth anything (at least under 225-230). But I was worried about basically lighting all the pellets/dust at once with the burner...Anyone have the same concern and found/figured out a way to get around it?
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    Morning....I use a propane smoker too.  I have a Camp Chef.  Todd told me to put my tube style on one of the rack "holders" and near an air vent.  It works great there.  Todd will help you figure out what style and where to place it in the smoker that you use.  Send him either an email or a PM and ask.

  3. Actually, I didnt even know he was a member here! You wouldnt know his username by chance would you?
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