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    I placed an order today for the 5 x 8 tray to hold the pellets, plus several different kinds of pellets to take the place of the same flavored wood chips I now use. I also ordered the Jelled Fire Starter.

    I have a question on the pellets ... What is the difference between the same pellets listed as "standard" and "speciality" where the same pellet is listed both places such as Hickory for example,  does anyone know?

    I would Email them asking this same question, but I previously sent them an Email 2 days ago with some different questions and have recieved no answer.
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    That thing looks pretty cool. I wonder if you could smoke fresh mozzarella. Id be a little nervous about the cheese spoiling cause of being not refrigerated for a long peroid.
  3. I just now went and looked again at the pellet selection. I don't see the same pellets listed in the two groups.
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    You are right and I am wrong in saying the same pellets are listed both places ... my mistake on that part and I appoligize.

    However, I still would like to know what the difference is between the   "Standard" pellets and the  "Speciality" pellets. Also there is a "BBQr's "Delight" Pellets. Just curious if some are pure of that blend or if some are artificial pellets or what? .... Hey, I am new here as well as this pellet thing and trying to learn something ... [​IMG]

    I had to order some pellets in all 3 catergories  to get the flavors I currently use in wood chips.
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    "BBQr's Delight" is a different brand than the bulk pellets Todd sells, although Todd's are of very high quality. The "Delight" pellets seem to offer more specialty woods that you probably wouldn't find anywhere else. For instance, I have purchased both the orange and sugar maple ones, these being a couple of my favorite woods for poultry.
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    Thanks for the explaination ... Now what are the "Speciality" pellets? .... Of those listed in "BBQr's Delight", I use a lot of Jack Daniels and ordered 4#. It goes really great with pork ribs with a rub called "Butt Rub" applied to them. Also goes great on pork ribs with a Jeff Phillips rub called "Texas Rub". The rest of the pellets I ordered were 3 in the "Standard" group and 4 in the "Speciality" group.
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    Well, standard is pretty much the "standard" type of woods that you might find in stores across the country. Hickory, cherry, maple, and oak. (Although in my area, apple and alder are pretty standard, too.)  I guess "specialty" would be anything else.

    What you buy really depends on what you want to smoke, and what your favorite flavor profile is. Anything you buy pre-smoked from a store is probably going to be hickory. And that's a shame, because there are so many other options out there.
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  8. Brickguy, I think(I always get in trouble when I think) The BBQ'rs Delight are only offered in the more popular flavors Todd carries. His pellets are 100% the hardwood type  that he advertises. He offers a lot of varieties of non Standard. By non standard I mean the most popular sellers Hickory. Maple, Oak and , PM choice and Cherry. He probably sells a lot of those. They are the most popular. They are roughly 1 dollar per pound cheaper than the others when buying 2 pounds at a time.

    I have used other brands and always come back to Todd's house brand. The value is excellent and he generally provides a excellent product at a price point lower than others providing a lower quality pellet

    I always like to talk to a knowledgeable person when I can and he is quite knowledgeable.   If you want to get the main mans opinion just call him at (952) 736-7678. A nicer guy you would  not be able to find.       jted
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     I Emailed him with some questions a couple days ago and he replied late that night. I then had more questions and he has never replied back again, thus my posting here. I think I do however, with the information from you here and mneely, that I now know what I wanted to know. Thanks for explaining. [​IMG]

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