A Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Question

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by hannibal, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. hannibal

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    I have this Masterbuilt model smoker from Cabela's.

    Does anyone else use this model? I am wondering how often I will need to check and add the wood chips to it if I am running it at about 240 for a brisket.

    While I am at it, any suggestions specific to this model?

  2. I just bought that one as well...hoping to possibly break it in this weekend.
  3. ecto1

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    I have the 40 inch version of this smoker and love it. You will have to add chips every 30 to 45 minutes for the first few hours after that it will go to every hour to hour and a half or longer when you get a good bed of smoldering chips going. Remember that the best smoke for smoking food is thin and blue. TBS is sometime hard to see until you get real close to the smoker. I have stopped adding chips at midnight fell asleep and still got smoke at 6 am it all depends on the quality of the chips also. If you have good thick chips they will last longer if you have a lot of twigs and stuff in your chips it won't last as long.
  4. I have the 40" MES and it's hard to check the burning of the wood chips.I start out with a small amount of chips at first to get things going.the next load I put in a good amount on the smoldering chips and they light easily then.I like the smoke flavor to be lite and not over powering.I think the feeder on my 40" is the same size as yours but not sure.1/2 full will smoke for 20 -30 minutes @ 240 deg. and I usually keep smoke rolling for 2 hrs .But your mileage might vary.Bill
  5. hannibal

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    Thanks. Good info.
  6. I just bought this as well next model up though only difference is it has a vent on the top of it which I prefer and was only an extra $50..something to think about.

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