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Discussion in 'Pork' started by billy brown, Nov 14, 2015.

  1. I have read with interest some lively discussions about some who are going a little hotter and quicker with pork butts. Not interested in resurrecting any battles but just looking for a little guidance. I've got an 8 lb butt ready for tomorrow and want to try it a little quicker on my 18.5 WSM. I would generally take 14+ hours at 225-235 for this but want to try to do it in less than 9 or 10, maybe at 275 or more. Am I dreaming? Has anyone had success with this time and temp?
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    I have never done this myself, however some of the guys who report that they do it with smoker temps even over 300° with Great results are reputable Smokers, and I have no reason to disbelieve them.

    My MES only goes to 275°, and one of these days I'll use that on a Butt myself.

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    Put the butt in now at 210... That's where I cook mine.... takes about 24 hours...
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    I agre with Dave & it it's done too quick just wrap it. It'll hold for hours
  5. Well my experiment at higher heat has begun. Fired up the chimney starter around 5:45 and had the butt on around 6:30. Not really a proper bone in shoulder like I like to use, more of a butt roast but it's all I could find yesterday. Using Royal Oak charcoal and apple today. I ran the WSM up to 290 then brought it back to 275 and it's been sitting right at that for the last 3 hours. I figure the worst that can happen is that I'm out 24 bucks and learn a good lesson.
    Beautiful starry morning for doing this, wish the sky photo had turned out. First time posting photos so this will be a miracle if it works out. Anyway, I put the pork on then retired to the workshop while the temperature got right and watched hockey highlights for a half hour. Go Leafs!
    Haven't peeked yet. Will check it in an hour or two, put the temp probe in, start mopping, crack a beer and cross fingers. Will report later. Thanks for the advice and for looking in.
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    Great start !![​IMG]

    You'll be fine---So will the Butt be fine!![​IMG]

  7. Very happy with the results today. The pork hit 195 IT at about 10 hours or so then we let her rest in the cooler for a couple of hours. It spent most of the time at 275 except for a couple dips down to 235.
    Here's a look when it hit about 180 then when it hit 195.
    Ready for the foil, coach, (Hansen bros from Slapshot) then enjoys it's happy hour in the old coke cooler on the back of my son's truck for good luck. Regular people are having happy hour in the shop.
    This really pulled easily. Served it with slaw and a South Carolina style sauce. The best we have ever had. I'm sure I'll probably do another longer cook sometime but really it will be just for the hell of it..... This was great.
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    Looks Real Good Billy!![​IMG]

    Nice Job!![​IMG]----------------------[​IMG]

    Now you got your answer & can do it either way in the future.

  9. That butt looks great!  I go high heat for convenience and love the results.  If I cook them without foiling at around 300-315 it averages about an hour a pound.  If you foil, even faster.  I have done them low and slow as well and they are good too.  Just all depends what you are in the mood for and how much time you have.  Jealous of your covered smoking set up!  

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