A hanks worth of sheep casings,,,,,,

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    I recently purchased a hanks worth of sheep casings form my local sausage making supplier and I have a question. Because of the large amount of casings that come in a hank how many feet do you think I would need to stuff 10 pounds of sausage? No matter how much I pull out to soak it seems I'm either left with too much leftover or not enough.
  2. You can re salt and freeze what you don't use.
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    Stayhot.........my calculation table for sheep casing says 50' for 10 lb's. Hope that helps.......

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    I have seen on the boards a calculation chart of casing size/pounds, I kick my self for not saving that thing. Seems I remember Shoneyboy commenting on it also. Maybe he'll remember.
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    1/2 a hank is roughly enough for 30 lbs (depending on the size).
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    To figure how many feet of casing we need to soak, we first need to find out the size of the casing we have. Then we need to figure how many feet to hold 1 pound of meat. The rest is simple.

    To calculate how many feet for 1 Pound of Sausage. Divide the number of feet in the Hank by the Average Stuffing Yield of the size you want to use...

    Example: How many feet per pound using 38-40mm casing?

    From the chart...38-40mm yields 190-220 pounds per hank. Average yield is then... 

    190 + 220 = 410 / 2 = 205 lbs on average per hank.  

    So...300ft / 205lbs = 1.46 ~ 1.5 feet of 38-40mm is needed for each pound of sausage meat. 

    If I want to make 10 pounds of Kielbasa. How many feet of 38-40 casing do I need to soak?

    10lbs x 1.5ft/lb = 15 feet of casing is needed to make 10 pounds of Kielbasa.

    I hope this helps...JJ

    Approximate Capacity Charts...Provided by DiggingDogFarm. Thanks Martin.

    Hank of Hog Casings (100 yards/300 feet)


    Hank of Sheep Casings. (100 yards/300 feet)


    100 feet of Beef Rounds.

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    Thanks Jimmy,  good stuff. 
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    And do not freeze the remainder ... refrigerate in a brine or salt pack.
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    Using 36-38mm casings.. My sausage ring weighs about .75 lbs so I pull out about 16 inches of casings per lb of meat which gives me plenty...  I pull the whole hank and throw into a large fresh bowl of water. I place my fingers into the hank like you were scratching your scalp and move the hank  to loosen and pull off what I need then do a long soak....... Repack the hanks and what ever is left in a salt brine. I the casings have enough water saturated in them.. I just add a 1/4 cup of  non iodized salt to them mix  and store in the fridge...Works for me......[​IMG]

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