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  1. Hey everyone! New to the site, figured I would drop a few lines and introduce myself. For Christmas I got my first smoker it's an electric Smoke Hollow, and though I have used it only once I can see it is quickly going to become my right hand on upcoming camping trips and sporting events.

    Though the smoker is new, I feel as if I'm fairly seasoned in my hobby. I am the son of a small town butcher and was raised helping my dad work his rotisserie trailer roaster doing whole hogs for catering. Though I have done a lot of pork over the years, I have developed a love for smoking beef! My favorite of course being what I call the king cut, prime rib! I'm always looking for new innovative ways of doing everything and anything from beef, ribs, poultry and even fish!

    If anyone has any killer techniques, please share! I also hope to share some of my ways with the rest of the smoking community and I have definitely acquired a few tricks growing up in a household where a slow cooked protein was paramount at a gathering of friends and family!

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    Welcome to the board! Sounds like you'll have a lot of experience to share.
  3. Hey Chub, hello and welcome from East Texas     Check out Bearcarver and his Step by Step he does his on an Electric smoker

    Gary S
  4. Hey Gary,
    I will definately be looking him up. I'm fairly new to electric smoking so any tips are great! Looking forward to all the insight I can get!


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