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    First and foremost a huge hello to all the UK enthusiasts and members here and a thank you to Danny for the invitation.

    Up until a few days ago I was one of those individuals that simply browsed the topics and subjects here soaking up all the invaluable information provided and to help aid my own project. However and that said I've decided to become a member to thank everyone not only for the experience and help provided but to offer my congratulations on such a friendly and informative site.

    So on the subject of food then, who doesn't like a great feed but the thing I also enjoy the most is the preparation and forethought that goes into planning such a meal or event. I personally feel there's nothing more rewarding than seeing the smile or smiles on your guests faces on providing great quality and tasty food.

    When it comes to using a BBQ I'm certainly no expert and addition to that and smoking food I've no experience what so ever which is why I find myself here. I'm due to have my whole garden both front and back redeveloped and hoping to achieve that rustic look and feel whilst at the same time incorporating a brick built BBQ, rotisserie, off set brick smoker and a pizza oven.

    The plans have been drawn up and my father who's a bricklayer by trade is going to start the project within the first week of June. I've also purchased the BBQ equipment, the doors for the rotisserie, the smoker and shortly purchasing the pizza oven. With this in mind I don't mind admitting I'm feeling very excited about the whole project and am now wishing the weeks away so I can get underway.

    During the process I'll certainly take photos and post all accordingly to keep anyone that may pay an interest up to date with the process as it unfolds. What can I offer so far, below you'll find a few images of the doors I've purchased and if you'd like a list of the BBQ equipment feel free to ask. Second to that ask anything you'd like and I'll endeavour to answer.

    The door to the rotisserie.

    The door to the smoking section.

    And the four doors to access the smoked food itself.

    My best regards to all.

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  2. Hello Lee.  I see you found the darn button.  Glad to have you in our little Group.  Any question you may have just throw it out there and I am sure you will get at least three or four different answers.  We look forward to your contributions.

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    Hi Lee, that's some project you've got lined up. There's a bread oven book by a guy named Tom Jaine that shows how to build a wood fired oven, you probably wouldn't want to build it as he describes his but it does give you info on lime mortar and choice of bricks which could save you some money as you avoid using very expensive refractory materials.

  4. markuk

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    Welcome to the Group - all types of smokers her - this is mine ...

    good luck and look forward to seeing some more posts...
  5. Hello.  This is my project.  1955.  Was working with ice in the freezer when I bought it.  Hopefully get 'er converted this summer.


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  6. wade

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    Hi Danny. Is that a plastic or metal interior?
  7. Hello Wade.  Plastic door liner and freezer door.  All removed but pure porcelain coated steel inside.  Will be propane, controls and burners taken for a double oven propane cooker.  One burner to maintain temp and the second burner to reach temp and recovery after the door is opened.  Will use a mailbox mod for smoke and there will be 2 fans included in the build should I need air flow/ temp control for cold smoking.  Hoping this will be the Mutts Nutts when I get 'er finished.  This should have been built months ago but after my Dad got sick I have been holding off on spending the money as I don't know when I may need to fly back to Tx..  Hope to get 'er done this summer.

    Hello Lee.  Sorry to hijack your thread!  We are pretty informal in the U.K. Group.  We are a smallish group and are starting to get to know each other a bit so we ask questions in odd places and take tha piss now and then.  Won't be long before you fit right in.  Keep Smokin!

  8. lee-warren

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    Sorry for the delay in replying gents, I'm not normally so rude but work raised it's ugly head.

    Graeme thanks for the information, I'll be sure to take a look. Anything that can add a little insight is always welcome, I don't intend to do this again (well unless I decide to move) so hope to do this correctly first time around.

    Mark great looking smoker, is that a padlock on the upper door ? Is your food that great people pinch it !! ha.

    Danny love the initiative factor that's involved in yours, on doing some research prior to my build I saw many smokers of all shapes and sizes and fridges like yours being one of them. I truly look forward to following your build and hearing about your exploits/troubles along the way. With regard to your father, never a nice affair to have someone you hold so close to you falling so Ill so you have my sentiments whilst your father has my best wishes.

    To one and all, there's no such thing as hijacking my threads, as far as I'm concerned every day's a school day so feel free to throw anything you have my way. That said, when it comes to taking this piss I've a dark sense of humour that matches very few so rest assured I'll be having a laugh with the best of you. :icon_lol:

  9. Hello Lee.  Just read your other post about electricity in this part of the world.  Mark uses the smoker as a safe when not cooking.  Keeps his recipe book in there.    OH YEAH! You are gonna fit right in!  Sorry you can't make the weekend.  I am sure we will all post picts.  Glad to have you.

  10. lee-warren

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    Mark is that the Hacienda model ?

    A colleague of mine has just purchased that very same item I believe, if so do you have any types of recommendations, do's and don'ts etc that I could pass on please !?

    Hope you're all enjoying your bank holiday weekend.

  11. markuk

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    here's a thread and photos using my Haciencda


    Hope that's of interest !
  12. markuk

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    Very good Danny - got some of your family ones in there too - going to do Beer Butt Chicken this coming weekend with your lovely pot. salad....
  13. [​IMG]   Hello Mark.  And I thought I LOVED that potato salad!  I think you have that every time you BBQ!.  Glad you like it and you are VERY welcome to the recipe my friend.  Good luck on the chicken.  Am sure it will be great.  Keep Smokin!

  14. lee-warren

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    Thanks Mark, I'll have a look at the link now and see what info I can pass on.

    As for all of this talk about food, what are you both up to, this is psychological torture !! :wife:

    Ah sod it, I can't resist, how'd the beer butt chicken turn out Mark ? :drool :ROTF
  15. markuk

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    BBChicken is planned for saturday but weather is looking pretty iffy for Saturday so it might be a indoor oven job but if it's okay that's a Gas Grill thing not smoked as time is tight Saturday.

    It's a really easy thing to make - I posted a thread on it doing it in the oven but it'sd a good one to do.

    BTW this Sat is my first anniversary of  my first proper smoke as I did pulled pork for a Eurovision party so as it's the same folks decided to do the Chicken....

    If you looking at this Danny what's a good thing to serve with BB Chicken ???

  16. Hello Mark.  I KNOW we have hijacked Lee's thread ( sorry Lee ) and I also know he is aboard doing a VERY necessary job.  I thank you Lee for your commitment.  AND I know he isn't getting these sort of foods over there ( AGAIN, sorry Lee ).  I am a traditionalist.  I do potato salad, coleslaw, beans and Spanish rice with MOST of my cooks.  You have those recipes and as yet you have not been brave enough to try those beans.  Once you do you will not have Heinez baked beans ever again.  Did I steer you wrong with the potato salad?  But; YEHAW! here we go!  Go Mexican by adding cumin and a little chilli powder to the chicken, pull or slice the chicken.  Serve in flour tortillas with shredded lettuce, Pico De Gallo, and sour cream and guacamole.  Go Asian with some Asian spices and serve on top of rice and a veg stir fry.  How about a curry ( I DON'T DO CURRY, DON'T LIKE IT )?  Add curry spices to you chicken and serve over pilau rice with some naan bread.  How about Cajun:  Jambalaya, or a gumbo served over rice.  We can do soul food:  ( chicken should be fried but this will work great ) Smoked chicken, turnip greens ( spring greens will work fine ), black-eyed peas and cornbread.  If I can help with any recipes other than curries let me know.  Keep Smokin!

  17. markuk

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    Yep have done the beans before so think that's a good thing with a bit of salad and the pot salad

    Might do the totiilos .. what I do with them is to heat them straight over the gas hob (or now on my gas grill side burner) for around 20 seconds each side just so they start to smoulder.... not a good idea to answer the phone when your doing that !
  18. Hello Mark.  That heating method is the way it's done in Texas.  Low flame and keep an aluminium foil "envelope" to put them in and keep them warm, unless they are being eaten as fast as you make 'em.  [​IMG]   Didn't know you had tried the beans, not the usual baked beans.  Hope you like 'em.  Keep Smokin!

    Hello Lee.  Get home soon and safe and get that new brick smoker going!  Can't wait to see that baby in action!  Keep SAFE!

  19. lee-warren

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    Well what can i say, it's been far too long !! [​IMG]

    Sorry ladies and gents but my only excuse is that I've been working away and without an internet signal for some time, that said i'm here to try and redeem myself with an update and some photos of the new build that's now taking form.

    So the story so far, initially i was simply having my garden redesigned to give the perimeter some strength and security in the form of a brick wall, brick piers and fence panels in-between. On top of this a brick shed is to be built a porch and many other factors to enhance this new project but without a second thought i suddenly thought food, alcohol and parties !!

    With this now in mind the garden project suddenly took a back seat so to speak and i spent quite literally months reading the forums and threads here for relevant information and ideas. Knowing that this type of project had to be planned correctly from the word go i began sourcing all the parts that i needed such as bricks that could withstand great temperatures, cast iron doors, cast iron grills for the BBQ, a rotisserie, a pizza oven, heat resistant vermiculite board etc but most importantly a decent builder to put my plans into action.

    Initially the build started four weeks late so i came home to see nothing had been started but to be honest this was actually a blessing in disguise as my father and another builder who may i add admitted he 'liked a challenge" stepped forward to offer his services, anyway i digress slightly but what i was saying is that there were so many questions, issues and problems that i really needed to be around and to facilitate them all.

    The build itself hit a problem from the word go and that was that the pizza oven was huge so i had to rethink and design the plans which dampened my mood slightly after spending so long thinking and planning things through but that said and for what its worth, its coming along really well and i'm extremely happy with the results so far.

    So some images then, before i do though i should mention that i don't have as many photos as i would like because my father and the new arrival Tim rattled through everything so damn quickly i didn't get a chance to keep up with its progress !!

    After a concrete footing and over-site went in the brick work went up and started to take form. Smoker to the left, BBQ in the center with the rotisserie underneath and the pizza oven to the right.

    I cant seem to flip these [​IMG]

    The structure to support the pizza oven, fear not it became more substantial a little further down the line.

    You can just see the two outlets in the brickwork allowing the smoke to move from the burn chamber and into the smoking tower. 

    The start of the smoking tower.

    Smoking tower, burn chamber, and rotisserie door.

    A passing visitor...

    This photo gives the impression the build is on the slightly taller side but the ground level is still yet to be built up.

    You can just make out the first of three concrete lintels being located to support the pizza oven.

    The thorn in my side, the giant pizza oven.

    Concrete lintels in place under the pizza oven and over the rotisserie to support the base for the BBQ.

    Flip damn you...[​IMG]

    Heat resistant vermiculite board being fitted inside the rotisserie area and the burn section to the smoker.

    I'm looking to have a granite worktop fitted around the BBQ and in a few other areas like on top of the splash back and in front of the pizza oven allowing me to rest the food on before entering and on exit if needed. Although a few days away yet i'm siding towards this one, the Bon Accord.

    So that as they they is that for now, i hope to have some more images and updates for you daily. If you've any questions feel free to ask and i'll endeavour to do my best to answer. On top of that if you have any constructive criticism please fire away and i'll see if i can use your advice before the build is finished.

    That aside, truly hope you're all well and taking care.
  20. markuk

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    Blimey !

    Looks good

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