A gap in between the door in the body of the smoker

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  1. I just get a Masterbuilt 40" 4 Rack Electric Smoker w/Cover, Window, Remote yesterday 6-6-14 my first smoke about 3 hours into it I notice the gap. It take 10 hours at a temperature of 230 degrees to smoke spare rib and one baby back and it still was not done. No smoke ring. But my question is what can I do to close that gap so I will not lose no heat?
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    The latch should be adjustable. You can adjust the latch to pull the door tighter when you close it.

    Also DO NOT go by the temps that you read from the MES. They are a great smoker but are Known to be way off on temps, get a thermometer and check the calibration w/ boiling water . Then use it till you figure out how much difference you have in actual cooking temp and display temp.

     You are not going to get a smoke ring w/ electric or gas smoker. But the ring does not affect the taste at all.
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  3. Thank you very much I didn't know I can't get a smoke ring with electric or gas smoker. Should I cut up the temp more how long do it take to smoke 2 racks of rubs with electric smoker?Thanks I am going to try that now?
  4. I hey adjusted it tight I as i could no its still a gap
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    Call Masterbuilt and get them to figure it out they may send you new door or body? Just went and looked at mine. The old ones had hinge adjustment too But don't think the new one does.
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  6. You wont get a smoke ring with an electric.....but not to worry the smoke ring means nothing.....it's expected on Competition Q but it imparts no more flavor then meat without. 

    I'm keeping quiet on the MES and it's quality issues (former.......read FORMER owner)

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  7. I have some good news I called masterbuilt customer services this morning they are sending out another door I should have it within a week thank you all for your help.

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