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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by bdekle, Oct 28, 2015.

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    Another project with a good group of buddies from work. Building 5 indentical trailer mounted 250 gallon tank cookers with insulated fireboxes. We been tossing around a few numbers and wanted opinions.

    Fb- 28x28x28. 2" insulated with rock wool.
    Stack- plenum mounted, halfway between rf plate and top of chamber, 6" id x24

    The major question we have is the half moon dimensions for the firebox.. Using the recommended numbers from Feldons yielded a weird size.

    Experts please weigh in.

    Tanks are the only thing set in stone. 5 tanks, 30" x7.5'
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    I'm going to be completely honest, a lot of that is way over my head. My tanks are 1/4" thick so inside diameter is 29.5. Any reason I wouldn't just make my cut to make my fb fit flush? That would put my firebox entering the cook chamber just under the hallway mark. I also just planned on welding the plates flush to top of the firebox that enters the cook chamber. Should I adjust the height of the firebox or does what I have already seem okay?
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