A Festival of Sausage

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by ishbbq, Jul 14, 2014.

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    Went to the store and got some stuff to make a nice sausage dinner for me and my sweetie. The sausage menu consists of 2 Roasted Red Pepper Sausage Links I picked up on special, a package of Johnsonville Cheese Brats (my personal favorite), and a package of Johnsonville Spicy Chorizo that I am going to stuff with gorgonzola cheese and then wrap in a bacon web...

    My CG Outlaw, Boss Hog is ready for the action too. I'm using some Wicked Good Weekend Warrior, and a nice little split of oak to get things started.

    I had some expanded metal in the garage, so I decided to stop being lazy and make my charcoal basket. I did it very simply by bending the metal on my workbench, then securing the sides with high-heat, thick gauge wire. She's not a very pretty basket, but as long as she knows how to dance, she can come to the party! [​IMG]

    The meat is on the smoker ready to get happy! 

    All the sausage was ready in about 3 1/2 hours, and here is a shot of them all, with the Roasted Red Pepper Links up front...

    Time to plate it all up, and get busy with my eating utensils...

    Now this is what I call a festival of sausage! It was all so very tender, juicy, and oh yes... tasty too!

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    Nice looking grub.. Thats what I call a festival......
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    That looks like some gooood eating, congrats
  4. Beautiful, I love sausage, but there is no chance of finding those sausages in any store around where I live.  Which, sucks for me!

    Looks delicious

  5. ishbbq

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    Thanks for the kind comments everyone!

    Pit Happens!
  6. smoke slinger

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    That is some mighty tasty looking food right there, thanks for sharing.


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