A day of cheese and pork Q-view

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  1. Although I've always said that smoking cheese and bacon was a waste of time, I broke down and started.  Went to Costco's and picked up a brick of cheddar and Colby Jack cheese. Then went to a Hispanic supermarket and picked up a 5 lb pork belly.  Then I rubbed up 2 racks of st. louie ribs and put them in my new WSM smoker.

    I cold smoked the cheese using Todd's Pitmaster pellets. I'm going to let the cheese sit for 2 - 3 weeks.

    I dry rubbed and cured the pork belly. I'll let it sit for about 10 days and then will cold smoke it.

    I wasn't pleased with the ribs. Normally I use my MES smoker.  The problem wasn't with the WSM but user error.  I smoked using the Minion method; 3 chunks of apple wood and a 2 pieces of hickory.  I think the hickory overwhelmed the ribs.  What  a waste, I've been spoiled using my AMNPS and Pitmaster pellets.  Oh well.  Anyway, here are pics of the cheese and belly.  I'll update the pics in a few weeks.

    Thanks all!

    To follow...
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    Good job on the cheese Ted! Now the hard part, the wait! Once you get a taste for it you are gonna wish you smoked a lot more.
  3. Thanks Dave. The weather was perfect today.  I gave up riding my Harley to smoke and enjoy Gentlemen's Jack so the cheese and bacon better be good. lol
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    Nice Day Here too

    I think it's the calm before the winter storm

    Bacon tomorrow?

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