A couple of Roasts on the Weber w/ qview

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by worktogthr, Apr 2, 2014.

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    Defrosted a pork loin to hot smoke on the Performer, and of course while I was at the store yesterday I saw a top round roast (or bottom round, can't remember now) and figured I should fill the grill and have some roast beef for sandwiches.

    Roast beef was just coated with a little olive oil and a good bit of SPOG. Don't have any pics of that presmoke. I used indirect with Stubbs charcoal and a couple of small chunks of hickory. Temp averaged between 325-350 with occasional spikes near 375.

    Pulled the roast beef at 125 and let it rest before I cut it.

    Pretty juicy and tender for the piece I tested but the bark is a little too smokey for my taste. Will make some good sandwiches .

    Pork was brined over night in a simple water, salt, sugar solution. Rinsed it . Butterflied it flat and layered it with bacon, blue cheese and sautéed peppers and onions with garlic (left over from last nights sausage and peppers). Tied it all up and rubbed it with a paste made from lemon juice, olive oil, pepper, italian seasoning, and and garlic.

    Pork turned out great! Much juicier and more tender than the other pork loins I have made. I think the brine plus the filling really helped to keep it moist. Might consider making this for Easter.

    Funny thing is the smokiness on the pork roast was perfect. Anyone know why one might have been a tad over smoked while the other was perfect? Thanks for looking!
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    That looks real good man !! Bet it was tasty .... Nice smoke !
  3. beeflover

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    nice beef roast!
  4. worktogthr

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    Thanks for the kind words! The pork roast was great.  Made a nice lunch today and my dad will love the leftovers.  Haven't had the roast beef yet, other than a sample.  Thinking about slicing it thin, putting it on a roll with tiger sauce because it reminds me of Pit Beef that I have had in Baltimore.  Just wish I had a slicer to make some paper thin slices.  Father's day is right around the corner haha
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