A couple of questions for a new 30" user

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    Picking my unit up this week at Lowes ( http://www.lowes.com/pd_673793-58355-20077915___?  ) and have a few questions.  Been searching/reading for over an hour, joined, and will likely be reading for days/weeks/months.

    I will likely use the smoker for ribs the first time and brisket the second.  

    1.  Water versus no water?

    Seems the consensus is no water, foil cover the pan, with or without sand... isn't the water needed to keep moisture, or is this only for specific meats?

    2.  Wood chips versus AMNPS

    Assuming I use chips, about how often will I need to replace them throughout the process?  Is it even worth the hassle, or should I just get the AMNPS 5x8 and pellets before I even fire the unit up?

    3.  Foil wrapping meat in mid-smoke.

    My previous experience has been using an older electric bullet smoker, and I never foil wrapped meats.  Hated the unit, as there were lots of flare-ups, so looking forward to the Masterbuilt.  That said, somewhat new to foil-wrapping meats.  Is there a guide for this?  Where does the liquid go?  Some appear to be using a foil pan, while others appear to be using actual foil wrap.

    4.  Unit mods.

    The "mailbox" mod appears to be for air flow.  My main interest is a stand with wheels, as I will smoke on back patio, but transport to garage in front of house.  Any good mods out there for stands with wheels?

    I think that's it for now.  Appreciate all the "how-to-guides" and "step-by-steps" out there already.


    (aka: phungi - a fun guy to be with)
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    I might be able to give you an opinion on a few of these questions..... 

    1. I don't think you actually need the water although I always use it thinking that it is a great heat sink and restores my temperature in the smoker when I have to open the door. Try it with and without and see what you prefer.

    2. I use to use a Smoke Daddy in my MES but when I bought my new one I just stuck with the side chip tray. I usually only put smoke until I get to 140 degrees and I'm around and don't mind adding chips. I also think chips give you a different outcome than dust or pellets or any other method. They all produce a little different smoke in my opinion. 

    3. It's all according. Again, each method gives you a different outcome. When I'm doing a large amount of butts overnight I will pull them after they hit 140, foil pan with foil top tight, take them to 190 then pull them out, drain the pain, uncover, then run the MES on high for about 45 minutes to dry out the bark. I've also done the panning part in an oven after I've smoked to 140 in the MES. I've also smoked them til done in the MES. Each way works and I can't say one is any better than the other.... again.... butts are cheap... give each method a try and see which one you prefer. There isn't a right or wrong between these methods.

    4. I found a great stainless steel cart at Sams Club that works perfect for my MES. All I had to do was tie it down to the shelf and I was in business.

    Hope this helps a little.....

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