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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by schmoke, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. Sorry if this subject has been covered before, but I can't find anything on it.

    I've had my CG Pro for a couple of years now, and the grease and stuff has built up on the inside of the cooking chamber and it's really a mess. I thought before the season starts, I'd clean it out and de-grease it. Is there a proper way to go about this? I was thinking about using some car engine de-greaser like "Gunk" and then a seasoning smoke afterward. Is that the right way to go?
  2. jaxgatorz

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    I'm not sure i would use a chemical like that....... Ive seen b4 where peeps light a very hot fire and then just kind of scrape it out or wire brush it... Some1 will be right along with probably better advice...Happy smokes..
  3. slim

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    I would like to know this also
  4. rickw

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    I just get the smoker hot and then scrap it down. After that take a hose or pressure washer and steam clean it while it's hot.
  5. flash

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    Clean the grates and water pan.

    All done. [​IMG]
  6. Easy-off makes a spray especiall for bbq's - I have used on my GOSM and even my wood stove with good results.

    No matter what and how often I use my smoker when I start I run as high as it will go to kill anything that might need it and then turn it down to the temp I am going to be using.

    I would NOT use GUNK or another automotive product on your smoker.
  7. mulepackin

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    Don't apologize for asking a question. Most likely everything has been discussed before. Doesn't mean we can't discuss it again. If we didn't rehash topics, it wouldn't be a discussion forum in my opinion. Anyway, I would avoid automotive degreasers unless it states for stove, bbq, or appliance use. I think the purple degreasers are okay for this. Strong simple green works quite well too. You really don't have to get all of it off anyway, just the thick stuff. Otherwise it is seasoning.
  8. rdknb

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    I am with the clean the grates and water pan club lol
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    if it is portable, take it to a car wash that has a high pressure washer, if you do not have one. try scraping the heavy stuff off 1st. a scraper from a hard ware store works good for this.
    if not use a small orfice hose nozzle on yer garden hose after a good scraping.
    I would not use any chemical on my smokers/ grills, I do not care what the can / bottle says it can be used for.
    but thats is just me.
    when ever you fire up your grill take it to over 300o and mist with a spray bottle with water. makes a steam and helps knock grud and grease off and down to the bottom. then after cooking do same. run temps up to over 300o and mist. of course scrape heavy stuff off pior to doing that.
    engine cleaner on food cookers.HOLLY CRAP[​IMG]
  10. Thanks for all the good advice. I knew that someone here would know the answer. I think I will go get some of that Easy Off for BBQs and give it a shot along with my pressure washer. That should do the trick.

    Thanks again and happy smokin' to all.
  11. That's nice of you to say, mulepackin! I generally try to search topics to avoid repeating them, but I totally agree with you.

    I used to frequent another forum (non-BBQ) and half the replies were "GO DO A SEARCH! Don't waste our time!" :)
  12. jirodriguez

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    I have used simple green before. It's non-toxic and does a great job.
  13. mulepackin

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    Yeah, thats one of my pet peeves about discussion forums too. To me thats like walking into a bar, saying that the weather sure sucks, and having everyone shout at you that it has already been discussed. I will say do a search sometimes if I know that a topic has frequently been discussed just because there is a lot of good info in that thread, but I try to add a bit at that point, as well as try to link to some threads. If we couldn't talk about topics that had already been discussed this would really only be one big archive with no discussion.
  14. jethro

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    I hate people like that.[​IMG] Most use it as a way to boost their own post count, which to them (somehow) equals intellegence, without showing their own ignorance.
    That being said, I just clean my grills and smokers with a leaf burner propane torch and a wire bruch then suck it out with the shopvac after it cools down. If there is alot of grease a scraper and the blue shop paper towels work great. I never use chemicals.

    Take care.

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