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    As you know I was very happy with my First Chuck Eyes. The Second time not so much, a little tough and gristly.

    So last night was my Third time grilling Chuck Eyes. I was ready  to expect the worst, figured these were going to be like the last ones.

    But ---------- These were probably better than the first ones. My wife and I looked at each other and she said " Are you sure these are Chuck Eyes" ?

    They did have some gristle which we saw and cut out, Great flavor and almost too tender.

    We have one more package in the freezer, so I'll see how those turn out. My main complaint is besides the gristle, is the falling apart. I had already decided to write these off and stick to my Rib Eyes. If the last package is as good as the first and third, I would buy them again if they are only on sale cheap. For the price I paid they were about what I expected. But at Heart I'm a Rib Eye guy.

  2. mike5051

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    I recently read that Bear wasn't happy with the chuck eyes, and you had a two out of three success.  If you're a rib eye guy, why the conundrum?  Get rib eyes!  [​IMG]

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    I agree with Mike.

    I would rather eat a good steak than one that I am hoping is going to be good.

    We don't eat steak very often, but when we do we appreciate quality.

    I'm a ribeye guy & Judy loves her tenderloins.

    So that's what we get. 

    I'd rather have a really good burger than a chewy steak. I think I would grind up the ones you have in the freezer & make burgers out of them.

    But that's just me.

  4. Hey I agree with everybody,  I started the whole Chuck Eye thing because I had heard so much about them on here.

    Never said I'd switch, just trying to be fair

    And .......  BTW  next week  Brookshire's will have Bone In Rib Eyes for $5.99 lb.

  5. joe black

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    Gary, you've probably done more for the marketing of Chuck eyes than any paid advertising could ever do. You've got butchers all over the country scratching their heads wondering what the rush is now on these Chuck eyes. They've all probably tripled their inventories.

    I like a strip and Cindy likes a filet, so sometimes I will buy a big ole porterhouse and cook it with the bone in for flavor, then cut the strip off one side and the filet off of the other side. Everyone is happy and the flavor is great. I'm still gonna try some of them Chuck eyes. They should be available at a good price when those butchers try to get rid of that huge inventory. LOL
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    Gary good luck with the next cook.We no longer have regular Butcher Shops around here,all chain stores.

  7. mike5051

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    100% agree with everything in Joe's post!  That is an oddity!


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