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    Hi my name is Michael and I currently live in Spring, Texas but grew up in Canada.  I am fairly new to smoking so all the recipes and info on this site are a great help.

    I have a Masterbuilt electric smoker and it is great at maintaining temperatures but I am having trouble getting a lot of smoke at the lower temperatures (below 250).  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    P.S.  My family loves the rub and bbq sauce.
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  2. Good afternoon and a big hello from East Texas. Welcome to the forum, lots of information and great people. I am not a watt burner but the guys who are use  The A-AMAZE-N-SMOKER with great results have not heard anything but good about this product.

    The A-MAZE-N-SMOKER was created out of my need to "Cold Smoke" meat, fish and cheese. After months of testing, we found the perfect combination of design, materials and sawdust that gives consistent results every time. The 6"x6" smoker will smoke for 6-8 hours on 4 oz. of A-MAZE-N-DUST and the 6"x8" smoker will burn for 8-10 hours on 6 oz. of A-MAZE-N-DUST. A-MAZE-N-DUST is a special blend of sawdust that gives the A-MAZE-N-SMOKER it's long and consistent smoke times. Each A-MAZE-N-DUST smoke flavor is a 100% natural product, with no additives, fillers, scents or oils added. 


    * Cold Smoke Meat, Fish, Cheese, Nuts and more! 
    * Hot Smoke your favorite foods - See FAQ's for additional
    * Constructed of U.S. Stainless Steel - Durable and will not rust 
    * Small, light and portable 
    * Can be used in a smoker or grill 
    * No holes to drill 
    * No cords to plug in 
    * 6 x 6 will smoke up to 8 hours on 4 oz. of A-MAZE-N-DUST
    * 6 x 8 will smoke up to 10 hours on 6 oz of A-MAZE-N-DUST
    * Produces very little heat 
    * Easy to use 
    * Easy to clean - NO "GOOEY MESS"!
    * Made in the U.S.A.


    Gary S

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