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    I will be trying my second ever batch of summer sausage and I have a bunch of questions

    1. I have about 5lbs of pure venison. I want to make 10lbs of sausage. would you add 5lbs of pork butt or some other combination?

    2. I have 1 pound of high temp cheddar I want to add. what is the correct ratio for adding cheese?

    3. I want to add jalapeno peppers to it also. How much per 10lbs of meat?

    4 I now have NFDM. should I use this for summer sausage?

    5. I now have ECA. I have read so many different things on this. basically my question is how the heck do I use this.  Should I grind, mix, stuff, and smoke all in one day or is it ok to let the summer sausage sit in the fridge overnight and smoke the next day?

    6. I want this sausage to have a little heat to it, will the jalapeno's be enough or should I add something else like red pepper?

    thanks to whoever is willing to answer any or all of my 10000000 questions

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    1. Add fatty pork but to make up your 10 lbs
    2. Not sure. I'm curious about the ratios myself
    3. Thats a tuff one. Everyone's level of heat is different.
    4. Commercial mix? If so no.
    5. Whats ECA?
    6. See # 3.

    It's not a lot of help, hopefully the sausage experts will chime in soon. Good luck.
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    I typically like a 70-30 or 75-25 ratio for the venison to pork butt ratio. To do a 70/30 10 pound batch you would need 7 pounds of venison and 3 pound of pork butt.

    NFDM is good to add to help retain moisture. I add 1/2-1 cup per 5 pounds. Add right before stuffing.

    ECA will add tang. amount varies 1.5-3 oz per 25 pounds.

    I hope you are planning on using cure. I'd recommend using cure #1, at a ratio of 1tsp per five pounds of ground meat.

    Usually figure 3/4 pound cheese per 5 pounds.

    3-4 jalapeños per 5 pounds. If you want spicer leave in seeds and veins.

    I mix my summer sausage and stuff. Then let it rest overnight in the fridge.

    The next morning I fire up the smoker to a pit temp of 130. I put the sausage in for one hour no smoke. Then I bump the temp up 10 degrees and add smoke. I will run the smoke for the rest of the time. Every hour I increase the temp of the pit 10 degrees until I reach a pit temp of 180. I smoke the sausage until the internal temp is 156. I remove and let bloom for several hours. Some will ice water bath to stop cooking. Then hang to bloom.
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