A Big Thank You To The A-MAZE-N Todd Johnson

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    I decided to smoke a pre-marinated trip tip roast for Labor Day, which is tomorrow. My son loves this roast so much that we call it "Kyle Meat". I wasn't sure how I wouldn't to prepare it and my son said, "Smoke it". That sounded great, and I decided that loading the AMNPS with mesquite wood pellets would generate wood smoke which would give the roast a perfect flavor. Problem was, I didn't have mesquite wood pellets. I went to the A-MAZE-N website and ordered a 5 lb. bag because I think Todd sells the best quality wood pellets at a great price. However, this was on Thursday, Aug. 29, and since Todd ships from Minnesota and I live in Washington state I figured the package would never be delivered in time for Labor Day. I figured I would have to hassle with using mesquite wood chips in my MES 30. I figured wrong twice.

    Todd shipped the wood pellets package out via USPS Priority Mail and I received it yesterday. I looked at past packages I've received from him and he always ships Priority Mail. Because of Todd's great customer service and efficiency, my son's Labor Day treat will have the mesquite smoke flavor profile that I wanted AND I get to kick back and just let the AMNPS do its thing for the 4-5 hour smoke because I won't have to load wood chips into the MES every 30 minutes.

    So, thank you, Todd. There are many sources for smoking gadgets and wood pellets but because of your great customer service I remain loyal to you. And one more thing: I've let my wife know that for my upcoming birthday the primary gift I want is the Maverick ET-732 Remote Smoker Thermometer and I told her that I've seen it for sale from several places online, including Todd's website. She said, "Why don't you order it from Todd?" My family is full of great suggestions. Todd, you'll be hearing from me again soon.
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    That's why he is " The Man "
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