A batch of Bear's Nekkid Beef Logs

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  1. I was wanting to do up a batch of uncased snack stix for the Memorial Day weekend festivities and thought that Bear's recipe for his unstuffed beef logs would fit the bill. So I made up a 7 lb. batch and squirted them out of my Dakotah stuffer onto trays and racks to chill over night and be ready to smoke the next day.

    Dexter was waiting for something to fall...

    Got them chilled down and racked onto the smoker racks using the Q matz so they wouldn't stick.

    Then placed them into the smoker that was preheated to 135 degrees to dry just a lil bit more. Then added hickory smoke with AMZNP and bumped the temps every couple of hours til they turned a pretty mahogany color and reached 161 degrees IT. Pulled them out and chilled them in a cold water bath to stop the cooking and cool down, then dried them and placed back into fridge to chill down over night.

    So today, I cut them to size and bag sucked them to freeze and send some as gifts.

    Looks like there was bear log left..lol

    Worked up a thirst doing this so I thought to myself, what would be a good to have to sip on over the weekend?. So I made a batch of Apple Pie to partake of this weekend while celebrating, and remembering the lives, the efforts and especially to be giving much "Thanks!" to all of the brave men and women who have given so much through out the decades for us to be able to have what we've got and live free.


    Thanks for looking...
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    Well They Look good-----How Did You Like Them, Santa???

  3. I gotta tell you Bear, that recipe of yours is laraipin' good. I substituted chipotle powder for the cayenne, was the only change I made, but definetly will be keeping this recipe to go to for beef snack stix. Thank you sir, for sharing the recipe. 
  4. Bear

    your going to have to give us the recipe. otherwise i will click on it and read it any way.

    happy smoken.


    the bear logs look GREAT!

    happy smoken.

  5. now let's talk about apple pie. so lets say i have some squeezens. what do i do next?

  6. Well, here's what I do with mine....

    1 gallon of apple cider

    1/2 gallon of apple juice

    1 1/2 cup sugar

    4 or 5 cinnamon sticks

    3 cups of sqeezins or (insert state name here _________  high test)   You can even use Everclear in a pinch, but I don't.

    Mix the juices and sugar together along with the cinnamon sticks in a pot and add heat to melt the sugar, doesn't have to boil, just melt the sugar.

    Then allow the mixture to cool down then add your liquor to the mixture (away from any heat source)

    Ladle the mixture into glass containers and chill in fridge til ready to consume. Some even add a cinnamon stick to each jar for decoration. Tastes like liquid apple pie. Have served this at partys on cold nights heated up in a coffee urn and have a bowl of teddy grahams ( little bear graham crackers) next to it.. take a teddy graham and pop it in your mouth, bite down on it and then take a sip of warm drink....you have the crust to go with the pie. I like mine mixed with unsweetened iced tea.

    Similar recipes are made with a gallon of each spiced apple cider and apple juice along with brown and white sugars, but these can be too sweet for most folks tastes. And we all know that sweet alcoholic drinks go down smooth but come back up rough.

    Disclaimer: This is a potent drink but doesn't taste like it is, so keep away from kids.
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    That Apple Pie sounds Awesome!!!

    And thanks Santa & Mule for the compliments on my Beef Sticks & Bear Logs.

    Actually you guys would probably like the ingredients in my "Bear Loaf" better.

    My Beef sticks are very mild, then the Bear Logs are a little hotter, and the Bear Loaf is the hottest, but none of them are all that hot.

    Any of the 3 ingredients lists can be put into any of the shapes.

  8. Thanks Santa

    I'm going to have to give it a try.

    Happy smoken my friend.


  9. Well Santa I made a half batch. i didn't have any cinnamon sticks. so i used 1 table spoon of cinnamon. then 155.

    didn't wait for it to cool. sure tase good to me.

    Happy smoken,

  10. Glad you enjoy it...Cheers!
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    Looks great !
  12. Gave Bear Logs a shot this week, going to smoke them tomorrow,but here's a sneak preview
    might be a little tough to control my COS at such a low temp, but what the hell, its worth a shot. Finished picks tomorrow
  13. bearcarver

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    Missed this for awhile, but finally drug my butt up the stairs to the loft, where my "iMac" is.

    Looking good Nightsmoker!!!   You're gonna love it !!


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