A 250 gallon Lang hybrid clone

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by jeremiahinsc, Apr 17, 2016.

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    So I'm going to start the thread even though I've really hardly begun. As the title states, I've finally acquired a 250 gallon tank (30x94.5) and some 1/4 sheet. My plan is to divide the tank in half with either one 1/4 plate or possibly two with 2" of insulation. The firebox is already cut for me into 24" pieces. I'm planning 1" insulation so a firebox of 22x22x23. I've been reading feldon's calculator and dave's calculator and I believe my calculations jive. I'm planning a trailer build that will include my 36" Blackstone, a 4 gallon French fryer and (possibly) either a Santa Maria grill or maybe even my large big green egg-- but I'm hoping that having a "hybrid" grill will eliminate the need for the egg, but the Santa Maria is just cool, so it may make the build simply for the cool factor. Bear with me as this will be a slow build, probably taking a year or more to finish.
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    Looks like the photos loaded pretty easily. I look forward to yalls input and comments!
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    Looks like a good start.

    A year to finish aint slow; my build took over 4 years.
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