9lbs whole chicken smoke time

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by carney, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. I have a 9lbs whole chicken. I am going to smoke it at 230-240 degrees. I am thinking about 7 hours. Anyone know how long it will take?
  2. Chicken doesn't need low and slow except to get more smoke. If your smoker will go to 325° you will have crispy skin instead of rubbery.If not you can finish in the oven or on a grill to get crispy skin. Cook to IT of 165° in the breast.

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  3. Thanks for the reply.   In the smoking meat book it says 225-240, so I was tiring to get in the 230-235 range. 

    I put the chicken in about an hour ago.  Dinner is in about 8 hours.  I think I'll keep the temp steady then turn the temp up as high at the MES 30" will go to crisp the skin at the end.  I used Steven Raichlen's basic barbeque rub.

    Just before I put it in the Smoker

  4. A MES won't get hot enough for crispy skin. It will make a tasty bird.

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  5. 2.5 hours in, open the smoker to insert the meat probe from the Maverick 733.

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    I smoked several 12# turkey's at 230 this last holiday season and none went over 6 hours.

    Also, you may want to probe the bird in the thigh, sometimes the breast cooks faster and you end up with bloody meat in the thigh area.

    Did you brine the bird? A low and slow cook may dry it out if not.
  7. After 3 hours I'm at 130 IT for the brest.  I'll put the instant read in the thigh when the breast hits temp.  Its 20 degrees here.  I'm keeping the door shut and quickly cracked it open to put the temp probe in. 

    No brine. I try to avoid salt, doesn't help the blood pressure :) 
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    Technically speaking the brining does not leave much salt in the meat if you wash it all off and dry it after the brine. The salt facilitates osmosis so the water can permeate the meat. Most chickens have been brined at some point anyway these days.
  9. Yes, I try to buy them in as little of a "solution" as possible. 

    I have done a few 5 lbs chickens and they have come out fine without the brine.  

    I hit 170 IT in the breast in 6 hours.  I'm letting it stay in a little longer and going to check the thigh.  I will post a pic of the finished bird. 
  10. The finished chicken

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    That is a big old yard bird ya got there. Looks good.
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    Har! You grow big birds there! Nice looking chicken.

  13. Nice color on that bird, How was it ?

  14. Tasty looking yard bird! How was it?

    Happy smoken.

  15. It came out very tender and juicy.  Smoke was at a leave I like noticeable but not over the top.  I used apple chips and only added them once. I think next time I will smoke at around 250-260 to shorten up the time it takes to cook the bird. 
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    You really should try it at 325. The skin is much better that way.
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  17. I don't think my MES 30" can go that high.  I think I could smoke it at 275 then finish it in the oven or grill.

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