8lb butt cut in half?

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  1. I am kinda new to smoking and just got asked to do pulled pork for about 20 people tomorrow. I got the smoker chugging now. I went and got a 9lb bone in pork butt and I wanted a second. All they had was a 8lb pork butt cut in half..so now I have a 9lb and 2- 4lbs. Should I wait to put the 2 4lbs in a bit? Are they going to cook that much faster? I think I am just going to put them all in and watch the IT and if I have to pull them out before the other, it's no big deal since I can wrap it and put in A cooler. I have only done pulled pork one other time and it turned out pretty good. I think I maybe just worrying a bit.
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    Rob. Don't worry that much.   Pork Butts are forgiving and cook-up easily. Simply keep track of your temps. in the Meat and remove when they come to 200*F , for pulling.

    Even if the small ones are done early (like today) they heat-up well in a Crockpot.  The bigger one can stay in the Smoker even after the smaller ones are done. Keep track of you Internal Temps.  Wrap in foil @ 160*F if you wish  and remove at 200*F.

    We hope you have a decent thermometer and have it Calibrated (if possible).

    Remember, the Fat has to melt with the Collagen , so there will be a "Stall" period. Just be 'Cool' and ride it out... it will get done[​IMG].

    Have fun , good Smoking and ...
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    I'm guessing that the smaller one could get to higher IT than the bigger butt quicker.  It's a smaller mass, so it should take less energy (heat) to get it to your desired temps.  I've never had pieces of meat with that much a difference in size, however.  So I'll be interested in your results.

    My guess is you'll be fine.  Plus, you never know what one piece of meat is going to do as far as stalls are concerned.  

    Just leave yourself plenty of extra time for trouble and you should be fine.  I've had a pork butt stay toweled and in the cooler for close to 4 hours and still come out piping hot.  And since you might need to cooler one of them for a long time, one trick I use is to put the cooler in direct sun to heat it up before putting anything in it.  Then I leave it in direct sun with the meat in it.  That will help you keep your heat in it longer.

    Post results.  I'm curious now.
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  4. Thanks! I think I will be fine also. I did a lot of reading last week when I did my first butt and I did get about a 11/2 hour stall last week. I figured just do them and as I long as I pull at the right IT i will be good. Thanks, I will post some results and qvue when I am done. Last week I didn't get a bark like I wanted. Should I try more rub/ mustard for more bark. I didn't put a heavy heavy dose on last week. My wife hates smoked food( sucks for me, cuz she complains at the money I spend on meat!) but she loved the pulled pork last week. But I want a heavier bark. Any suggestions?
  5. I say if you wife liked it last week leave it alone. Try to keep it the same , and she will let you go on the meat money.
  6. Put a rub on them, plenty of recipes on the forum for rubs.
  7. I did a rub. I am kinda a beginner but have been at it for a about a year. My old roommate before I was married smoked meat and drank every Saturday. He is the one that got me started. I watched him a lot. I have not tried my own rub but I live about 20 minutes from where they make meadow creek smokers. The Amish that run it have a little store in front of where they make the smokers with amish made rubs and other rubs and sauces. I go up there and shoot the crap and try to learn. And yes the Amish can smoke some good q.
  8. So. After 2 1/2 hours my IT on the smallest piece says 150° this just seems quick..thoughts? Yes I know my thermometer is correct.
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    I do 4# butts all the time IT of 150 after about 2.5 hours is about right, It will stall so it will slow down.  I agree wrap it at 160 then let it go to 200 then it can rest.

    I think you are on the right track the only concern I would have is the smaller butts will rest just fine but if u have a long time before you pull it u do not want it to go below 140.  How long you can leave a butt in foil, towel wrapped and in  cooler is  a long time. How long is the question 2 hours is no biggie but beyond that I am not sure. I know i had a pork butt rest for 2 hours in a cooler and it was well over 160 when I started to pull.  I would think rest for 2-3 hours then pull them then store, just to be safe, that is my 2 cents.

    Happy smoking
  10. I am 4 hours in now and the smallest one( the two halfs actually look more like a 5 and 3#) is at 165° The 5 lb is stalled at 157°. I just foiled the smaller one. The full 8lb one is at 130°. Thanks for the help!
  11. I fired up 2 butts yesterday. Both 9 lbs each. One was 205º at 9.5 hours , the other stayed at 180º for anther hour. Finally it hit 203º at 11.5 hours. Every time I have done more then one, even the same size, they trick me.

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