8# Shoulder in the Smoking It 3

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  1. I bought a Shoulder the other day at Stop and Shop they were 40%off

    Trimmed and rubbed (Jeffs Rub)and let rest in the fridge overnight

    Used 7oz of Hickory chunks from HD

    Put in the smoker at 4am this morning at 230

    Going to open it up and put the temp probe in at 8 and will get some pictures

  2. Just opened it up and put the temp probe in

    Everything is looking great

    Temp of the Shoulder at 4.5 Hrs is 148

  3. Looking good.

    Happy smoken.

  4. seenred

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    Looking great so far...keep the qview coming!

  5. It was great

    Cooked to a temp of 203 then wrapped in a towel and put in a cooler for a 1.5 hours

    I wrapped it in foil at 170 so it would not get any darker

    Overall cook time was 13 hrs and add 1.5 for the rest

    Had dinner and going to vacuum pack the rest for our camping trip

    Thanks everyone for the replies


    Next up PRIME RIB

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