8 lb butt in 8 hrs??

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jrod, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. jrod

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    So yesterday I picked up a 8.3 lbs boston to have smoked and pulled for the Bengals vs Texans playoff game today. I planned this smoke the same as I plan all my butt smokes usuing 1.5 hr per pound rule with a couple extra hours thrown in just in case. So, I put the butt on my BGE at 12:40 am @ 250. Now my BGE does sometimes raise temps up to 270s at the grate even though the done temp stays at a consistant 250, it usually balances out an sometimes even the grate will get a few degrees lower than the dome.

    Anyway, around 6am I woke up to my temp monitor beeped and said the IT of the meat was 170F so I went out an foiled

     the butt and stuck it back on. I woke up again at 9am this morning to find my IT temp was now reading 199F so I am confused. This meat was supposed to take until Noon or 1pm to be done.

    Has this ever happened to anyone? If I take this off the smoker and wrap it in some towels then into a cooler will it rest until 3pm ish? 5 hours in a cooler seems like a lot of time.

    Any suggestions?

    Oh my wireless temp probe is the weber which is why it only goes up to 199F. My probe on my Maverick did not want to read correctly for some reason.

  2. eman

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    5 hours wrapped well in a cooler is no problem . i have gone 8 hours and still didn't want to grab the meat w/ bare hands. It will stay hot .
  3. I agree with Eman, you should be fine if you do what he says,

    as far as it cooking faster? must not have had much connective tissue or collagen to break down
  4. scarbelly

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    I too have held butts for 8 hours. The key to making this work is to make sure the the cooler is completely full of blankets or towels so there are no voids.  You can also take out a few towels and microwave them every couple of hours if the cooler is not holding temps you are comfortable with 
  5. smokinal

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    You never know with big pieces of meat. The next one may take 16 hours.
  6. chef jimmyj

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    I have had them go that fast in an oven...so it's possible...JJ
  7. sprky

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    As others have said you just never know how long it will take. Never had 1 take less then 1 hour per but have had them go over 2 per. I average about 1.5 hours per.

    You will be fine on the 5 hours in cooler. Just wrap it put towels in bottom and then fill cooler with towels all around. 
  8. jrod

    jrod Fire Starter

    Thanks everyone for your replies.

    It has been in the cooler stuffed with towels since I took it off this morning around 930ish AM.  Getting ready to head to my buddies house for the game. We will see how she turned out in a little bit!

    Sorry no QViews on this one, I wasn't in the picture taking mood very early this morning.

    Who-Dey! :)
  9. venture

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    Gary alluded to it.  I foil the meat and stab it with a wired therm probe.  When wrapping with towels, I leave the probe in so I can monitor the internal temp while the meat is in the cooler.

    Good luck and good smoking.

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