8.5 lb pork shoulder w/ qview

Discussion in 'Pork' started by dunginhawk, Apr 16, 2011.

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    Good evening folks.

    So i picked up a 2 pack of pork shoulders at costco a couple weeks ago. Thawed one out, rubbed it down and stuffed it in the freezer.


    Set the alarm, woke up at 6am, remote started the smoker and headed down to prep.

    Soaked some chips for a bit (jack daniels oak + hickory).  Set the temp, set the timer and away we go.

    This one cooked right on time and I foiled it at 165 and pulled it at 205.  Rested for an hour while i prepared some mac n cheese.

    Below is a pick of the ingredients etc.  I actually used a bit of the drippings from the pork to impart some smoke flavor in to my mac n cheese.  The back left food processor container is 2 types of cheese shredded from blocks.


    Took the pork out of the cooler after about an hour and started peeling back the layers of foil.

    Steam billowed out and the entire house smelled of pork. Pulled about half apart with the tongs and it just melted.

    Costco must not leave the bone in on theirs, which I found strange and disconcerting. I love the flavor a bone in adds.


    Put half of the pull in to the kitchenaid mixer and set it on 2 with the dough hook.  Whoever started this idea is brilliant. It works so well. 


    Put the rest in and then back to the pan to give the final pic with the mac n cheese.


    The verdict.  The first time i did pork i used apple and oak, and loved it, although it wasnt as smokey as i may have wanted. This time, oak and hickory. It was more smokey, and although the flavor was good, im not sure if i liked it more or not.I digress.  I think the flavor profile may have been different because of the lack of bone (first one was half the size with bone in).

    I also tried a new rub (the standard one people have liked on here, with paprika, thyne, garlic etc)  Not sure if that wasnt my taste either.  Ill try again.  Overall it was great, I just may change back to apple and oak and not hickory.  

    take care all. 

    happy smoking
  2. fife

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    [​IMG]Man sure does look good.
  3. tyotrain

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    Man that Q looks tasty.. Nice job
  4. Excellent looking pulled pork hawk...the mac and cheese looks great also. Looks like meal time was a treat at your home today.[​IMG]
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    Both the PP & mac & cheese look great! Congrats!
  6. fpnmf

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    Looking good!


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