8-17-2013 pig pickin

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    Rainy day in NC yesterday however i managed to get some cooking in.  Unfortunately I did not get many pictures in of the pig pickin but below is a several pics of before and after.  32lb pig, 2 butts, 4 spareribs and 3 chickens.  There still was plenty of room on the grill for more meat.

    There I am with the gray hair.  I put the pig and butts on at 10am and the ribs went on around noon, chickens hit the grill about 2pm.  By 5:30 - 6pm the pickin started.  The spareribs had been sauced several times and were falling apart in the tongs.  The chicken wings and legs easy pulled off, I sauced the chickens several times in a nc vinegar sauce.  Pig and butts were chopped and placed in a pan with a vinegar sauce.

    The cooker runs off of propane and has 2 burners that run length wise.  I use 2 small charcoal pits in the back corners of the grate to add smoke.

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  2. Man that brings back memories. I used to go to pig pickens was when I was in the military visiting buddies in Fayetteville.

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