7 spice seasoning

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  1. I know that most of you Texas guys and gals are gonna know what I am talking about here. Several years back, we were working up in Shreveport. When we went to eat one night, we went across the river to Bossier City where we found a fantastic steak house. It was called Salt Grass Steak House. Man, did they cook some good steaks that were seasoned to perfection.
    Well, Friday evening after taking the grand baby to see the peanuts movie, I stopped at Super1 Foods to grab some ribs to smoke on Saturday. On my way down the spice aisle something caught my eye. Low and behold, sitting right there on the shelf of my local supermarket.....
    Of course I had to buy it. Used it as a rub on a rack of St Louis style ribs on Saturday. Sorry, no pictures but man those were some great ribs.
    Stopped and grabbed a couple of steaks today. Got home and seasoned em up.
    Threw em on the grill with a foil packet with some BBQers delight sugar maple pellets.
    Plated up with a Caesar salad on the side and a propel water.
    That's some good seasoning, pawpaw.
    So now I have two bottles of commercially mixed seasoning in my cabinet, Tony's and 7 Spice.


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