7 Dirty Truths about BBQ

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by eh1bbq, Jul 16, 2015.

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    Click bait article but there's some truth there.

    #1 is the reason I still try to buy as much meat as I can locally from sources I know.

    #2 is true but dumb. Meat cuts have changed as tastes and demand have changed for years. 

    #3 Okay. Not sure why this is even there. People eat brisket and prime rib for very different reasons on very different occasions usually.

    #4 Not a Mixon fan myself but this one just came across as hate. Get over it.

    #5 Really?

    #6 Not sure hipster is what comes to mind when I think pitmaster but maybe I'm not representative of the US as a whole.

    #7 Only one I think is really valid. I miss the days of community hog cooks and BBQs.
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    Sure smoking has become the "in" thing to do.
    Bigger and better pits that are temp controlled and are set it an forget it. Bottom line is smoking meats has been around for centuries and cooking meats over wood is as old as the caveman. Just because it has become a team sport just shows how popular it is.
    I love to get up at 2 am and start a fire in my smoker and get a piece of meat and watch it for the next 14 hours. No matter how much it costs I am still going to do it.
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    And ps. Myron Mixon is the winningest man in barbcue and is a Hugh blow hard .. He has forgot more than most of us know
  5. I have been smoking for over 40 years, Before Myron Before BBQ Pit masters and before there were competitions everywhere, no Internet no how too's no Googling   I learned from trial and error, asking a lot of questions and talking to people who had BBQ joints.

    I watch BBQ pit masters because it is almost a comedy  I never cook like that for family and friends.

    You can buy good quality meat if you look and take the time,

    You have to remember These Are TV Shows and they are in it to make money  Just showing a regular smoke would get boring pretty quick.

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    Boring yes. I like boring
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    What do I think about it?.....You know the action made when you stick out your tongue and blow...well, that's what I think about it!!
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    Yep, they put draaama in every show.  Thank goodness I DVR it so I can zip through the BS.  This year I'm convinced the reason they are not blind judging the meat is that they don't want the same people winning year after year.  Johnny Trigg got robbed the last time he was on the show. 
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    I was hoping for the ultimate.....sex in the backyard near the smoker....so disappointing.
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    1. Raise our own beef. Would love to with pigs and chickens but they require more constant supervision and I like my travel time.

    2. Cuts change. If you don't like the way it's cut, talk to your butcher.

    3. I like prime rib.

    4. Only TV I watch is stupid sitcoms. They might be horrible but at least everyone knows they are actors and it is meant to be a joke.

    5. And cheese and wine is better in France and Guinness is better in Ireland. But I'm not there, I'm here and I have to make do with what I have.

    6. This isn't just true with BBQ. White male hipsters are all you see anywhere. I'm a member of the key demographic (male late 20's) and I hate hipsters. I hate fake. I'm a farm and ranch boy and I hate when someone who doesn't know a cow from a steer wears a cowboy hat. I'd rather hang out with the poor folks in New Orleans then the tourists on Bourbon Street. Fake sucks.

    7. I understand what the author is getting at but I'd rather have a party with people I enjoy being around then with people I am geographically stuck with. Community events can be good but there is a reason they are dwindling.
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    What a bunch of horse pucky! I do agree brisket prices have gone up, it's the "in" thing so supply and demand kicks in. Three years ago it was less than half the cost, but it's popular now, and all beef has skyrocketed in price the last couple of years, go price a ribeye tomorrow. It's crazy!
    You can introduce flavor to anything with some effort, look into infusion drinks if you doubt me.
    As for the hipsters, I've noticed more and more African-Americans not only competing, but judging lately so that's a fail.
    As for the televised competitions, I take them with a grain of salt. I watch to learn a little, very little. I cringe every time I hear one, or all of them say they are going to crank up the heat on a brisket. Why not slow it down and not have to wrap it? Keep it at 210-225 and let the magic happen?
    Then I hear Myron, and other judges, "I want to see this!" "I expect this!" "If it's not like this it's wrong!"
    WHY? Why does everything smoked have to confirm to this narrow standard "they" created? Heaven forbid someone does something out of the narrow box they created, and it's GOOD!
    I do this for fun, but I enjoy good food as well, but many of my recipes aren't of the norm that I could compete with because I don't meet judges criteria, but seldom do I have food left over?
    They are going to have to open their minds soon or they are going to choke the life out of the televised competitions from sheer boredom!
  12. eman

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    All this B.S. is why i don't compete. 15 years ago brisket was what poor folks ate because no one else wanted it. same with chicken wings. Butcher would save us wings in 5 gal. buckets for us to use for crab bait. Ox tail was free to a few cents per lb. tongue was free to few cents per lb.
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    Amen, brother.
  14. ak1

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    The article is 100% true!  It's also 100% false.

     See, that's the thing, BBQ, as all quisine changes with time, meat cuts change, methods change. Ideas change. Like anything else, it's ever evolving.

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