6lb wild boar bacon wrapped bison brisket flat and bison STL style baby back ribs

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  1. First post here guys! I was just looking for some internal temp advice on the brisket. With beef I usually aim for about 190 before I let it rest. This is my first time smoking a bison brisket, so I was hoping that by weaving the boar bacon around the brisket it would add some rendered fat and keep the brisket moist. I also plan on smoking this sucker around 225-250 in my buddies webber vertical smoker. I usually plan on about 1.15 hours per pound with beef, but I'm not sure how long to expect the bison to come to temp. Also should I be aiming for a lower temp than 190 to take it out?

    As for the bison spare ribs those are going in my offset smoker. I have 6 racks going in together and I plan on doing either a 3-2-1 method or a 2-2-1 method. I really liked the foil on pork ribs for that two hour period and I throw some parkay and brown sugar along with some bbq sauce. My fear here is over cooking them due to the fact that they are bison. Any idea on an internal temp I should be looking for on the ribs before I throw them in the foil?

    I would really appreciate some input from somebody that had experience with bison. cheers! :sausage:
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    I would go with the bend test for the ribs and the Tooth Pic to make sure they are tender,use the Tooth Pick for the brisket.

  3. This sounds wonderful and wild! I am excited to see how it goes! Cheers! - Leah

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