60 inch propane burner???

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by sniltz, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. sniltz

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     I have a large 250 gallon tank smoker that is wood and gas.  I have to do some mods on the wood part because it doesn't get to temp with just wood.  The gas element in the cooking champer is 60 inchs long and has about 2 inch slits cut into it all the way down the pipe.  I can get it up to 400 degrees with just the gas but, I want to cook at around 250-275 degrees.  My questions is this.  How long will a standard propane tank last at 250-275 degrees?  I have 6 butts to cook and i will be useing some cherry wood also to give it flavor and smoke.  I just have a standard propane bottle that one would use on a backyard grill.  Thanks.
  2. daveomak

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    Sniltz, evening..... How many BTU's is your burner ???  1 gal of propane has about 100,000 BTU's......   
  3. sniltz

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    Not really sure what BTU it is.  Dave I posted some pics in Wood Smokers of the trouble I am having with the wood part getting to temp.  The gentleman I purchase the pit from took forever to make the pit and when I received said pit I was done dealing with him.  Now I have to figure out mods for it to work with wood.  But the gas element he made works good.  It is 60 inch's long and has some where( rough guesstimation) 30 to 50 2" slits in it for the flames to come out of.  It also has a hood above it so that it gets hot.   This is the picture of it off his website.  This is the exact burner that's in my pit.

    I hope this helps, cause that is all I know.  

  4. daveomak

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    Can you look at the burner .....   The regulator should say how much pressure it puts out and the burner should have an orifice...   what size is the orifice ??   Or, weigh the propane tank.... run the burner for an hour..... re weigh the propane tank....  Pounds per hour consumption...  it is really that easy....   

    In your other thread, many very good suggestions were given on how to make your smoker better and burn wood properly...  have  you given up on that avenue to improve your smoker ??

  5. sniltz

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     No I haven't given up on it.  I am taking it to a fabricator Friday and he is going to look at those suggestions and do the mods to it.  The reason I posted in here because my family has asked me to cook 6 butts and just didn't know how long the full tank would last.  Getting this pit was a nightmare and when I get it done it will be a lean, mean, smoking machine.  I will have 2 standard size tanks on hand just in case.  Thanks for the all the suggestions.

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