60 Gallon Air Tank Reverse Flow Build

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by sttimmerma, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. You got it really looking good

  2. lendecatural

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    She is shaping up nicely! You are right about getting heavy and it only gets worse from here and much more awkward to get a grip on.
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    That's a really good looking rig. Can't wait to see the racks go in. Have you thought about what kind of paint/color you are going to use?
  4. Black Heat Paint, but when I start it, I may look at other color options.
  5. Question for the group, I have decided to use 4 3" schedule 40 pipe 1" long   at the bottom with a bolt so the intake air flow can be adjusted.  I will put 2 on each side, not on the door side.  On the door side I was going to put 1 2" schedule 40  pipe 1" long towards the top of the door, it's above and beyond what is needed based on the calculations, but I did read some posts about allowing cooler air in toward the top of the firebox.  If necessary I can sketch something up so it may be a bit more clear.  My question is, should I put the additional vent higher up on the door?
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    Across from the FB to CC opening would be good..... you do not want the upper air inlet to be able to add air to the fire..... just the cook chamber while scavenging heat from the FB...
    The lower air inlets should feed air at, or below the wood grate....

    Sounds like a good plan....
  7. Thanks Dave, I may think on the vent a bit longer, here are a few pictures of the fire box door.....Built like a tank

  8. daveomak

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    If you think the upper air inlet will be too low..... One member added a deflector tab inside the door to deflect the air upward away from the fire.... worked perfect... when he had it open the temp lowered in the CC because it did not add air to the fire.. then you adjust the lower air inlet as needed to maintain temps.... while maintaining the CC temp.... It's a balancing act to get all thing right....
    The firebox temp also lowered... His firebox was something like 450-500 degrees the way he ran it before... now it runs 3-350 with the smoker at 250.... or something like that... saves fuel by not overheating the FB and getting temps up in the CC....
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    Looks good man. I like how you did the firebox door. Any problems with it getting whopper jawed while building it? I'm curious on how you're going to do your door latch.
  10. My plan will be to add a single 2" schedule 40 pipe 2" long at approximately the same height as the intake from the FB into the CC.  I will post some pictures when complete.

    In the mean time, I mounted the door to the FB.  

  11. Today I cut in the vents into the FB, I am considering welding the FB to the CC.  But wanted to get some input.  I know once they are welded together moving it will be made much more difficult.  Not to mention the fact of welding the vents onto the FB may be more challenging due to the fact I will not be able to tip it on it's side.

    Let me know, what you think.  I have a bit mote venting than required based on the Calculations, but I will be able to close each down as needed

    Each of the side vents are sized for a 3" schedule 40 pipe

    The vent on the door is a 2" schedule 40 

    I also put an opening on the bottom, but that will be for cleaning out the ash after a burn...
  12. Looking better and better

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    This thread is making me kick myself in the butt for tossing my old dead compressor.
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    Nice....... Thumbs Up
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    Looking good!!!

    How are you planning on gating the pipe intakes?

  16. Just like this.......

    This is from another on the site, who had the design I was looking for...
  17. I like the ports and the threaded adjusters.  Mind giving a link to the original design?

  18. I don't, when I started planning out this project, I went to all kinds of sites (Google images) looking for ideas, so I saved the image, but didn't didn't save the site from which they came.  I am going to post some pictures of mine...I was a lot of work...trying to figure out how to  keep everything centered so it will complete open and close.  Spent the better part of today working on the 5 vents.
  19. Here are a few pics of the intake vents and the 4" stack...It was slow going haven't put together vents like this before

  20. "Here are a few pics of the intake vents and the 4" stack...It was slow going haven't put together vents like this before"

    I can see that these would be a challenge.  They look much different than the ones you posted earlier. Which did you wind up going with?  Thanks.

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