60 Gallon Air Tank Much thinner than I expected

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  1. Hello, I recently joined the group and have build  a char-grill out of my old Sears Craftsman 20 Gallon Air Compressor.  It has worked so good, I wanted to take the next step and build a smoker.  Still deciding on the format for it (off-set or reverse flow) My question to the group, the wall thickness of the tank is about an 1/8", I thought it would be 3/16".  My concern is when I weld on the hinges on to the tank it will warp and the lid will not open and close cleanly.  So I was going to weld on a 3/16" strap 2" wide from side to side.  Not sure how it will look, but I think with this I can reduce the warping from the weld on hinges.  (thoughts?)

    Also is there a trip to line up the lid with the opening in the tank?  I welded on to the lid 3/16" x 2" strap. on the lid, so I am unable to ensure the lid is lined up.  I thought about cutting the firebox mounting location into the tank, so I could look up and see how close it lines up on the tank.

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    Sounds like an interesting project. You might get more advice posting in the smoker build section. What type of welder do you have?
  3. Lincoln 215 Mig welder...I could only wish my truck was a reliable....Yes...I have enjoyed, planning it out....
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    That welder should do the job fine with proper skills. When it comes to building offset or reverse flow I am not an expert, but like I said if you start a new thread in the smoker build section you will get lots of help. Good luck with your project and post some pics when you get a chance.

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    When welding thin metals you can lower your heat, you can 'weld fast' or you can stitch weld, all of witch will reduce the temps that cause warping.
  6. I like watching Smoker builds


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