60 degree difference from upper to lower tray

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by stevegibbs, Nov 23, 2014.

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    I have new offset smoker. A big backyard type. Thermometers on chamber even with upper tray. I put my remote digital on bottom tray 10 inches lower. Lower temp is 40-60 degrees hotter than upper. Is that normal?
    If I put my digital on upper tray all thermometers read same. Please help or explain.
    In this picture the temp difference was actually 110 degrees different. Lower cooler than upper.
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    I also have a big BYC  and have no problem.

     This one has moveable tuning plates. You have to move them about to gat it how you want. Take a day and see what is good for your Smoker.

      a shot of my plates. Open them at different places and keeping this until you liking .

    I did not make an Angle iron track on each side as they do great without it , and the plates are cheaper than factory stuff...

    I paid $5 for mine at the Scrap Yard... cut and beveled the ends some and placed them in just above the opening of the FB. This gives me 5" to the grill , perfect for me...

    I now have a hotter top , but I use that for quick cooks and the bottom for everything else.

    Remember , Fowl always is on the Bottom.

    have fun and . . .
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    I have one plate. It routs heat to half way. I would think that having additional plates would hold the heat at the bottom even longer causing the bottom to become even hotter than it is now. I think I understand why the lower is hotter than the top. It's because the heat is flowing out of that firebox and washing right up over my thermostat before it floats to the top. However 100° difference? How can that be?I can handle 20° 30° but I regularly have 60° difference and cooking ribs the other day there was 100° difference. I'm going to go out and buy a couple of better analog thermometers for the canister maybe the reading won't be so different. Still don't understand the wide variance in the heat
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