6# butt, 13.5 hours in

Discussion in 'Pork' started by grillin_all_day, May 30, 2010.

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    Today I'm having all my co-workers over for some que but have never had a butt like this one.  It's a bone in, pretty fatty (didn't trim) and threw it in this morning at 1 a.m. anticipating roughly 10 hours (including the stall), but here I am 13.5 hours later and it's only sitting at 172.  It's been smoking between 225-250 for the entire time and I've got some nice pull back from the bone.  I still have to let it rest before I can pull it, but with everyone showing up in about 30 minutes, any suggestions?  I do have some killer ABT's to hold everyone over for a bit while it's resting though.  Oh, and I pulled the probe out to reposition it and it pulls out w/ ease.  I've got a Maverick ET-73 and have had it for 3 years.  I wonder if the food probe is finally going bad?
  2. If you have another temperature probe try it. I always use a intant read temperature gauge as a back up to check that my stay in probe is reading correctly. With the pull back from the bone and the probe pulling out with ease, makes me think it is fairly tender. Try pulling at it easily with tongs and see if the meat separates.
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    I would do a quick test on the thermometer. Put the probe about 1.5" into a boiling pot of water (using gloves)  and it should read pretty close to 212. If its a bone in wiggle the bone if it slides right out then it should be done. If its not done you could foil it with a little juice to speed it up or depending on the temps your running bump them up some
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    The meat is done since it is over 160 its at least safe to eat so if you HAVE to serve it and it seems to be tender enough to pull it I would say go for it but if not check with another probe first like Bayou said just to make sure you are at the temps you think you are at.
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    Well, part of the problem I found out is that the bone practically goes the whole length of the shoulder.  I found a spot that was far enough from the bone and it's at 191.  Don't think I'll be getting any shoulders from the store on base any time soon.  The probe was running right next to it and I never knew it.  I even tried to make sure it was put in a good spot so that it wouldn't be near the bone, but when it's running the whole length, guess that was kinda difficult.

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